Here at Aromatherapy Associates, we’re on a mission to prove that a simple moment of self-care every day, will not only make you look great, more importantly it will make you feel great, too.


That’s why we’re leading the charge on a '14 Day Self-Care Challenge’ this Summer, and we want YOU to get involved.


How To Join The 14 Day Self-Care Challenge




Joining the challenge is easy, follow the 3 steps below and you'll be ready to bathe & brush your way to feeling & looking great after just 14 days of using our Shower & Soak Duos and FREE Body Brush.







Choose a Shower & Soak Duo and click 'Add to Basket'.

There's 4 mood-boosting scents to choose from.



  1. Rose Shower & Soak Duo
    Rose Shower & Soak Duo
    Special Price £58.00 Regular Price £78.00
  2. Revive Shower & Soak Duo
    Revive Shower & Soak Duo
    Special Price £58.00 Regular Price £78.00
  3. De-Stress Mind Shower & Soak Duo
    De-Stress Mind Shower & Soak Duo
    Special Price £58.00 Regular Price £78.00
  4. De-Stress Muscle Shower & Soak Duo
    De-Stress Muscle Shower & Soak Duo
    Special Price £58.00 Regular Price £78.00



Once you've added your chosen Shower & Soak Duo to the basket, you’ll receive a FREE Body Brush, worth £26.





Once you receive your delivery, get started!

Simply use your Shower & Soak Duo and Body Brush every day for 14 days to experience a mood-enhancing moment of self-care during your morning shower & evening soak.

Plus! To be in the chance of winning £1,000 worth of Aromatherapy Associates products, tell us about the emotional and physical benefits you experienced during The 14 Day Self-Care Challenge by tagging us @aromatherapyassociates and using #AA14.





How to use your Shower & Soak Duo and Body Brush




Use your Body Brush before your morning shower. Start at your feet and work your way up your body. Use quick, short strokes, brushing upwards towards your heart. This will help to stimulate circulation and remove any dead skin, helping you to feel invigorated and to leave your skin looking polished.


Then take a shower using your Shower Oil. Use a nice big glug of oil and use it to cleanse as normal. As you smooth it over your body the oil will transform into a milky texture, enveloping your skin in intense hydration.



Use the Bath & Shower Oil for your evening shower or soak. For best results, apply the oil to your torso, shoulders & lower back before stepping into your shower or bath, then cleanse as normal.

They high concentration of essential oils will help to boost your mood, while the coconut carrier oil will leave your skin feeling petal-soft.



Brush your way to firmer and brighter skin




Our body brush uses cactus bristles with rounded tips to remove dead skin & encourage the renewal of fresh, healthy skin-cells, leaving your limbs feeling smooth and toned.


The action of brushing the skin also increases blood flow which stimulates & energises the body, helping you to feel great!


 Receive your FREE Body Brush, worth $35 with any Shower & Soak Duo.



Tips from Christina Salcedas, our Global Director of Education


1. Brush before your shower

2. Start at your feet and work your way up

3. Always brush upwards towards your heart

4. Use long, swift strokes with light pressure

5. Do 5 strokes in the same location, or until you see ‘erythema’, or redness due to increased blood flow


Moisturisers for smooth limbs


Complete your self-care routine with our range of nourishing Body Oils and hydrating Lotions to get you set for summer.



  1. Rose Body Butter 200ml
    Rose Body Butter 200ml
  2. Revive Body Lotion
    Revive Body Lotion
  3. Relax Body Oil
    Relax Body Oil
  4. De-stress Body Oil
    De-Stress Body Oil
  5. Inner Strength Body Oil
    Inner Strength Body Oil
  6. Revive Body Oil
    Revive Body Oil
  7. Lotion