This February, we want to help you share moments of wellbeing with yourself and with those who have been there for you, near or far.

With the challenges faced over the months, prioritising our wellbeing is one of the most important things we can continue to do – and there is nothing quite like the gift of self-care to enjoy a sacred moment of time just for yourself.

Our Education Manager, Amy Bonfield, takes us through our Moment of Rose Indulgence collection, the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, and a loving reminder to press pause and take care of your mind, body & spirit.

Our Rose Reimagined Blend

What makes our Moment of Rose Indulgence collection extra special is our full-size, brand-new Rose Bath & Shower Oil.

At the heart of this blend is Damask Rose — also known as the ‘Queen of Oils’.

In various cultures, rose is regarded as the supreme oil related to all matters of the heart and love, and it looks and smells beautiful in equal measures with its unique and sweet fragrance.

At Aromatherapy Associates we use Damask Rose from Turkey, handpicked early in the morning before the sun strikes its petals to preserve all its benefits.

Rose is one of the most commanding oils with its ability to affect the mind, body and skin in a hugely positive way. Taking prominence in our Moment of Rose Indulgence Collection, it provides the ultimate moment of luxurious self-care.

Your Self-Care Ritual


Light Your Candle

Begin your routine by lighting the Relax Candle to ease you into pure indulgence, allowing the aromas to fill your whole room and set the scene.


By lighting the Relax Candle you can create the ultimate restful environment in your home. Aromas of West Indian bay and Myrrh aid to calm, soothe and uplift an anxious mind. I particularly love to light this candle when I have finished my working day to signal to my brain it is time to relax.


Run Your Bath or Turn on Your Shower

Sink into the uplifting powers of our Rose Reimagined blend in our full-size Bath & Shower Oil.

With Damask Rose, a natural anti-depressant, Geranium with its emotionally balancing properties and Palmarosa with skin-conditioning benefits, our Rose Reimagined blend has transforming effects on both our mind and skin.

The simple act of inhaling our blend stimulates the olfactory nerve, which travels into the part of the brain associated with emotion, triggering feelings of optimism and boosting your mood.


The Rose Bath & Shower Oil is perfect for when you want to feel truly uplifted. I find the scent really warming and always use this blend when I want to focus on my self-care and take the time for me – it is the perfect blend to use for an indulgent afternoon or evening.  Don’t forget to apply a capful of oil into your hands, slowly breathing in the therapeutic aromas and massaging onto your chest, abdomen, lower back and shoulders – doing this will ensure the balancing and uplifting effects of our blend can carry on after you step out of your bath and shower.


Nourish Your Skin

Bring radiance to winter skin with the powerfully rejuvenating actives of our 100% pure Frankincense Hydrosol Sheet Mask.


I absolutely love the Hydrosol Sheet Mask as it is so simple to use and has so many benefits to the skin. Radiant, hydrated skin is something we all want to achieve, and this mask gives instant results thanks to brightening Turmeric and super hydrating Sodium Hyaluronate.

After your relaxing bath or shower, or even as you soak in your bathtub to elevate your bathing ritual, unfold our Sheet Mask and lightly smoothing around the contours of your face. Use your fingertips to gently massage over pressure points around the brow, cheekbones & jawline. Indulge in this moment, taking this time to sink into relaxation.

Once you have left the mask on the skin for 20 minutes and removed, ensure to press in the excess serum into the skin and lock in with your favourite moisturiser.

Our Moment of Rose Indulgence makes the perfect gift for yourself or for a loved one, to enjoy a spa experience in the comfort of your home.

There has never been a better time to brighten someone’s day. Gifting a loved one not only brings joy to the receiver but an act of kindness also boosts our own feelings of optimism and self-esteem, increasing our levels of oxytocin to the brain.

This February, share a moment of wellbeing for the uplift and optimism we all need and deserve.