We have combined forces with iconic New York premium fabric and home care brand, The Laundress, to create an exclusive collection of laundry and cleaning products, infused with our most iconic pure essential oil blends. 

In this blog post we speak to the Founders of The Laundress, Gwen Whiting and CEO of Aromatherapy Associates Anna Teal, to hear how the best of home care and the best of self-care emerged. 

Sharing the inspiration and craftsmanship about this product collection Anna Teal says via Instagram Live that she is excited about what we have created and why it is so special. 

Gwen: "Our mission is to take care of everything you love, including yourself and turn everyday chores into luxurious experiences.

At Aromatherapy Associates we understand the importance of harnessing the power of aroma and how the use of essential oils can make you feel whether that is physically or emotionally. 

Our CEO Anna Teal said: "We are very mindful about the approach and the work that we do. We're on a real mission to create as many wellbeing moments as we can. Whether that is in the home or out of the home, if you have two seconds or two hours to absorb a full Sunday evening ritual. I'm so proud of the fantastic wisdom of our Founder and our Master Blender because it has enabled us to become thought leader in the wellness community winning the World’s Best Aromatherapy Brand for the past three years running." 

To be able to partner with a brand like The Laundress is really significant, as it's the first foray into aromatherapy homecare and we have been searching for a partner to enable us to bring more of these opportunities to life.  

Our CEO Anna Teal and Gwen Whiting, Founder of The Laundress, first met at the Global Wellness Seminar in Singapore. The Global Wellness Seminar brings together health and wellness brands and businesses from around the world to take part in paving the way with revolutionary new ideas for well being. Gwen signed up to a lunch table discussion that Anna led on The Trends in Wellness and Beauty. 

Gwen: "I had a side agenda in the back of my head thinking that this was a good connection" 

Gwen: “We have always wanted to partner with a company that uses essential oil and aromatherapy to compliment our products but didn't have the expertise in aroma. It's a real skillset and science. We could have gone to a fragrance house to ask for some lavender but we wanted to be much more strategic and leverage the expertise that is embedded with the practise of aromatherapy from a clinical level.” 

Anna said when she spoke to Gwen and found out what The Laundress really stands for, she knew this was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and turn everyday chores into a beneficially therapeutic experience. 

There is a lot of nervousness and sleepless nights present at the moment so combining efforts and joining forces, particularly after people have spent the last year primarily indoors at home, and are looking to create sanctuaries for themselves - the potency of our blends infused into The Laundress products has enabled us to introduce this extra layer to wellbeing. 

Gwen spoke about her experience at the Aromatherapy Lab where she was taken through each of our blends and realised how much it takes to create the essential oils, from every leaf that is pulled, and honoured our supply chain and it's sustainability. It was important to her to realise how each oil can resonate deeply with each user to gift the support needed. 

Anna affirmed that we are naturally drawn to the blend that you need continuing to discuss the reason behind each blend selected for this collection. 

Support Breathe is infused with our signature blend of the finest Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree essential oils, breathe in soothing vapours as you get through your Sunday chores. This range of essential oils are not only refreshing but are also known for their antimicrobial properties so usually over the winter if you have the onset cold we advise that you have that as an inhalation or defuse it into your room. It is incredibly invigorating and uplifting so perfectly paired with use in The Laundress Surface Cleaner and Dish Soap.  

(Note: the Support Breathe Surface Cleaner is safe for pets in the home)

This collaboration launched first in the US and now available in the UK to purchase from our website. 

So when life throws a pile of dishes your way, transform the cleanup into a wellbeing ritual with our Aromatherapy Associates X @thelaundress Support Breathe Dish Soap. 

Enjoy up to 192 washes with our highly concentrated bottle. 

We have also infused two of The Laundress’ Signature Detergents with our Deep Relax and Forest therapy blends for those who wish to drop into the Ultimate Sleep Experience surrounding their senses post bath, pre-bed, post Atomiser diffuser moment.  

Our Founder created the Deep Relax blend many years ago to treat her insomnia because she couldn't bare the thought of not being able to sleep without prescription medicines. It's different to what you would usually assume with sleep aromas as there is no lavender but Vetiver, Chamomile and Sandalwood instead which are really comforting and known for their sedative properties. 

So wash away your worries and dose your bedding, loungewear and linens with The Laundress Deep Relax Signature Detergent too. 

Or Forest Therapy Signature Detergent if this is your preferred blend. 

Click the link below to find out more and browse the collection.