Our 3 step self-care ritual to help build you back up to your healthiest, happiest self

If this prolonged flu season has you feeling worn down and depleted, you aren’t alone. Wellbeing and self-care has never been more important in this current climate, ensuring we look after ourselves so that our mind and body are staying as strong as possible.

Our Support Breathe range is what you need right now. Infused with essential oils of Tea Tree, known for centuries to be anti-bacterial and anti-viral, Eucalyptus, known to ease breathing, and Pine, renowned for its antiseptic properties, each essential oil comes together to release a soothing aroma that helps to clear your senses and lift jaded energy.

1. Start with a Soak

Our Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil is hand-blended with high concentrations of refreshing and clarifying Pine, Tea Tree and Eucalyptus essential oils, perfect for easing any stuffiness you may be feeling. If ever you’re feeling rundown or under the weather, optimize your bathing experience by massaging a capful of oil all over your body prior to stepping into a warm bath or shower. Inhale slowly and deeply, feeling your senses start to clear.

2. Turn on your Diffuser

Maintain clear breathing and create an uplifting ambience with our Support Breathe Essence. Just 2-3 drops on your diffuser will transform your room, enveloping each corner with the clearing scents of Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tea Tree oils, offering hours of relief and comfort

3. Bring our blend with you

When you’re feeling the onset of a cold, lean on our Support Breathe Roller Ball when you're on the go. Our therapeutic blend of oils work to help clear your senses so you are left feeling soothed, anytime and anywhere. We also recommend you get plenty of rest and as much sunlight, fresh air and nature as you can. We know that spending time in green spaces or bringing nature into your everyday life can benefit you both mentally and physically, improving your mood and wellbeing.

Look out for more of our self-care and wellbeing tips in upcoming blogs