Why taking a complete wellbeing approach is the simple answer to glowing, hydrated, plumped skin.

Understanding your skin and everything it needs can be complicated and vary day to day. Aggressors like pollution, heating, air conditioning, stress, hormonal activity, can drastically affect the changing needs of our skin, leaving it lacklustre and not reaching its full glowing potential, so how do we combat this?


For decades we have been told that fat is bad for us, but finally we are learning and understanding that there are good fats (lipids), and that they are vital for good heart health, fighting inflammation, improving nutrient absorption, all of which have a hugely positive impact on our skin. Omegas are part of this family and are rich in many fish, such as mackerel, salmon, but also available in vegan ingredients such as flax, chia, hemp, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, avocados, walnuts…

Mega Omega Green Juice Recipe

You will need:

  • Apple, 1 large or 2 small
  • Spinach, 2 handfuls
  • Kale, 1 handful
  • Spinach, 2 handfuls
  • Avocado
  • Spirulina, 1 teaspoon
  • Small handful of Chia and Flax Seeds
  • 200ml Coconut water


We also need to replace these natural fatty acids in the skin with the help of omega rich Face Oils, this will increase natural hydration levels, enrich your skin with antioxidants, provide greater elasticity to your skin, giving an instant visible improvement. Adding in a short facial massage to your evening routine will give further instant glow rewards, your skin will thank you!