Create your very own Forest Bathing experience in the comfort of your own home

There is no better elixir than a soak in the bath after a long day.  
If you’re looking to melt your stress, tension and worries away,
bring nature’s calm indoors with our forest-themed bath.

1. Set the Scene

Breathe life into your bathroom with a splash of foliage.
From ferns to ivy and orchids, any humidity-loving plants will
bring an immediate uplift to both your interiors and spirit.

2. Create Ambience

Ease a busy mind and sink into relaxation with the sounds of nature.
Whether it’s birdsong, the trickle of raindrops or leaves rustling in the breeze, pick your nature playlist for the most soothing backdrop.

3. Immerse your senses

Apply a capful of our Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil onto dry skin before getting in your bathtub, or directly under streaming water as you’re filling it up. Our therapeutic blend of 22 essential oils helps reset your mind, body and spirit so you emerge from your soak feeling your most rejuvenated and grounded self.