The Art of Body Brushing

The Art of Body Brushing

A new wave of at home beauty pampering has occurred in the form of body brushing. When one takes an often round object, full of dense tough hairs, and often massage balls and brushes the skin in long upward motions. This skin perfecting ritual has been known to diminish the appearance of cellulite and improve an uneven skin tone, introducing the art of body brushing.

For optimal benefits, you should body brush every day, however if you have sensitive skin this may be too often.

Step 1 - Legs

On dry skin start at the feet, and brush in an upwards motion, working your way around your calf, over and behind your knees working your way up to the tops of your legs.

TIP: Body brushing can improve circulation, brushing before or after long haul flights can reinvigorate your skin, body and mind.

Step 2 – Torso

Starting with your sides, glide the brush in upwards motions towards the heart starting from one side and brushing in straight lines and working your way around to the other side.

TIP: For particular areas of concern you can start to circle the brush clockwise in an upward motion and repeat two or three times.

Step 3 – Back

You may want someone to give you a hand here, or use a body brush with an extended handle for hard to reach areas. Working in upwards motions towards the heart.

Step 4 – Arms & Shoulders

Start at the wrists, sweeping the brush in upwards motions, pausing over stubborn areas if needed, for the shoulder areas, you will be sweeping in downwards motions (towards the heart).

To maximise the effects of this beauty ritual follow with firming body or hydrating body cream such as the Renewing Rose body cream. 

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