Discover the power of our new Rose Reimagined essential oil blend

Christina Salcedas, Director of Education & Wellbeing, and Luke Taylor, Master Blender, explain what makes our Rose essential oil blend so distinguishable & powerful. Plus, indulge in two self-care rituals specially created by Christina.

I am a firm believer that there are reasons why something stands the test of time.

Whether you love it or you hate it, Rose is definitely an essential oil that has been a staple in many skin & body care routines for centuries. And is there any wonder when you look at its benefits:

  • Supports emotional stability
  • Known to help ease anxiety & depression
  • It's known to have both hypnotic & analgesic effects
  • Helps to improve skin texture & promote skin regeneration

What makes our Rose essential oil blend so powerful & distinguishable?

"Rose is one of the most commanding oils with its ability to affect the mind, body and skin in a hugely positive way. Many of our most effective formulations are inspired by its powers.

I have blended Damask Rose, the most exquisite  and most powerful essential oil in an aromatherapist’s palette, with 27 complimentary oils for a rose scent that transcends anything you have smelt before. Rose Reimagined is rich, deep and intense, with therapeutic levels of essential oils to uplift your senses. "

Luke Taylor, Aromatherapy Associates Master Blender

Using the power of Rose to enhance your wellbeing

At a time when we all need some positivity & optimism, our Rose Reimagined collection couldn't be more perfect.

We've adapted two Spa treatments that you can recreate at home. Both ultimate self-care rituals, to help uplift your spirit & enrich your skin.

Treatment 1- Ultimate indulgence on self-care Sunday


While running your bath apply a capful of the Rose Bath & Shower Oil into your hands, and then apply to your torso. Take a moment to shift your attention to your breathing by bringing your hands up to your face and inhaling the uplifting aroma before stepping into your running bath.


Generously apply our Pink Clay Mask to your hair, face, neck and chest lie back and relax allowing the clay to absorb any impurities, and the essential oils to revitalise your skin.


Step out of the bath and apply the Rose Body Oil or Cream to the body and then take a moment to apply the Rose Hand Cream slowly and meaningfully, paying particular attention at working the cream into your cuticles.

Treatment 2- An uplifting moment at the start or end of a busy day


Start by using our Rose Shower Oil. This oil to milk body cleanser will transform your shower into a mini moment of reset as well as ensure your skin is ready for exfoliation.


With our Rose Triple Exfoliator, gently rub all over your body, really concentrating on problem areas like the elbows, knees and feet. Our Rose Triple Exfoliator uses natural exfoliating particles of Rose Water – Infused jojoba beads, corn cob and bamboo granules to gently yet effectively remove dead skin cells, leaving skin beautifully soft and prepared to be nourished.


Step out of the shower and apply our easily absorbing, super hydrating Rose Body Gel. Massage our Rose Hand Cream into your hands and take your hands up to your face for a few deep inhalations.

Your Rose Hand Cream Gift, Worth £20

For deeply nourished and beautifully scented hands, wherever you go. Receive a complimentary Hand Cream when you purchase any product from our Rose Reimagined collection.

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