As restrictions begin to lift and we welcome our friends and loved ones indoors, there is no atmosphere that better welcomes your guests than one filled with the therapeutic aromas of our essential oil blends and thoughtful wellbeing touches in every corner. 

From our NEW revolutionary waterless and portable diffuser The Atomiser, to our nourishing hand care for your guests, discover our expert tips to surround your home in wellbeing. 

Create a Sensory Scentscape 

While you entertain guests in the living room, enjoy a meal in the dining area, mingle in the kitchen or bask in the summer sun outdoors, our NEW revolutionary waterless and portable diffuser, The Atomiser, is the perfect way to create an aromatic atmosphere in any space. 

Diffusing our 100% natural pure essential oil blends straight from the bottle, The Atomiser allows you to instantly switch blends throughout the day for whatever environment you want to create. Once charged, The Atomiser is also fully portable, meaning it can follow you and your guests as you move around the rooms in your home. 

Our therapeutic, high quality essential oil blends help create an unparalleled ambience, perfect for hosting. Choose from a wide range of our natural essential oil blends to transform your surroundings with the power of aromatherapy, and will leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

Light Our Luxury Candles 

There’s nothing quite like the gentle flicker of a candle to set the scene for a day or evening of entertaining. 

Hand-poured and blended with the equivalent of up to two bottles of essential oils, our 100% natural wax candles bring a sense of calm to any space with over 40-hours of soothing scent. 

Choose from calming De-Stress, soothing Deep Relax, invigorating Revive and uplifting Rose, placing them around the spaces in your home to evoke the most welcoming environment to help your guests feel at home. 

Dot Your Home with Our No-Rinse Hand Cleanser 

Have your friends and loved ones feel protected as soon as they enter the door, with our powerful yet gentle Hand Cleanser. 

The perfect accompaniment to your foyer table, our 70% alcohol cleanser is infused with our pure essential blend of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and Pine to refresh and help clear the senses. 

Quick-drying and non-greasy with added softener, your guests can be sure their hands are left instantly clean and cared for. In its sleek design, our cleanser is ideal for any side tables, in the kitchen, in bathrooms and anywhere else your guests can reach for whenever they want to give their hands a quick refresh. 

Add an Aromatherapy Touch to Your Bathroom 

It’s the special touches in your home that never go unnoticed. 

The perfect hand care duo, our gentle Hand Wash with pure essential oils of lavender, sweet citrus Petitgrain and Ho Wood and nourishing Lotion with pure essential oils and shea butter are a wonderful addition to any bathroom. 

So you and your guests can enjoy beautifully-scented hands throughout the day, our Hand Wash and Lotion are the ultimate choice for your sink. 

A Gift for Your Host 

For the times you are the special guest, make your reunions with friends and loved ones that much more memorable with the gift of wellbeing. 

Pass on the power of aromatherapy with our Ultimate Bath & Shower Oil Collection, our treasure chest of 10 iconic essential oil blends, and the perfect way to give those closest to you a moment of reset they deserve.