Our Master Blender tells the story behind each drop of essential oil in our AM to PM Diffuser Blend Collection

Spending hours at a time in our laboratory crafting the perfect synergy of essential oils, our Master Blender Luke Taylor, or the ‘nose’ of Aromatherapy Associates, knows every intricacy of our signature blends by heart. Today, he takes us through each of our bestselling room essences, unveiling the secrets behind their transforming effects on our mind and body.


At the risk of sounding cliched, there really is a magic to essential oils and aromatherapy: where they come from, what they do, how they behave when blended together, how they make you feel and how to build a blend.

At Aromatherapy Associates, I am responsible for ethically sourcing over a hundred pure essential oils, from all corners of the globe. Sometimes we use high-tech methods, but ultimately, we always turn to our most primeval sense: the nose.

Blending from a therapeutic pallet, each oil is selected to work in harmony producing a blend that really works but is also a joy to use.  The synergies between essential oils is fascinating and it takes a lot of knowledge to understand what really is the ‘life-force’ of plants

Q: What are the scents in our Support Breathe Essence?

When first creating our Support Breathe blend, it was about drawing out refreshing, cooling and decongesting elements.

Eucalyptus is renowned for its antimicrobial and decongestant properties, mostly attributed to the high levels of a compound called 1,8-cineole, or perhaps more intuitively referred to as Eucalyptol.

 It is complimented by Pine with its cleansing and supportive properties, and also Tea Tree —

known locally as the ‘first aid’ oil in Australia from where it is originally from. It has anti-fungal, anti-microbial and antiseptic effects.

Peppermint with its unmistakable cool, fresh, minty aroma has cleansing properties and is thought to help open your airways. Some studies suggest it is anti-inflammatory and even helps improve memory and alertness.

Q: What are the scents in our Revive Essence?

Our Revive blend in three words is: fresh, floral, citrus.

The blossom of bitter orange trees is distilled to produce Neroli, which has incomparable universal appeal. The floral citrus scent is delicate yet tenacious and the oil is said to have antidepressant, tonic and fantastic skin preserving qualities.

Bergamot from Calabria, Italy, with its fresh, fruity aroma is uplifting and helpful when used by people who are anxious. You may be familiar with the distinctive aroma of Earl Grey Tea – this is in part due to the addition of bergamot.

 Our Frankincense originates from Somaliland. It has been used for millennia by various civilisations for a multitude of reasons, particularly for ceremonial purposes. It is the most spiritual of all essential oils and is renowned for providing mental clarity and focus.

Q: What are the scents in our Relax Essence?

Our Relax blend is distinctively warming, calming and spicy.

West Indian Bay with its warm, spicy notes is perfect for helping you to relax without being too heady or overpowering. It is arguably one of the most grounding essential oils.

 Geranium now brings the floral notes, balancing and nurturing to both mind and body.

Finally, the earthiness of Myrrh which was traditionally burned in places of worship to help purify the air. Most recent studies suggest it has not only antimicrobial effects, but also has analgesic and antioxidant effects.


As your home is now your everything, lean on the power of essential oils in our AM to PM Diffuser Blend Collection to help ignite your morning, uplift your senses in the afternoon and wind down peacefully in the evening.