Summer marks a time of relaxation and taking a break from the usual routine. As we enter a new season, our body clocks might still be stuck in our summer sleep schedule.

Settle into the back to school and back to business routine, and re-tune your sleep cycle with our expert tips below.


Reset Bedtime

Over the summer it was easy to stay awake that little bit longer, however now it is time to return to a regular bedtime and ensuring we get our 6 to 9 hours of sleep. Remembering the aim is to try to go to and raise from bed at the same time daily. Regular sleeping hours programme the brain to a routine which ensures a rested mind and body.


Wind Down

A good nights rest requires a quiet mind so ensure you have given yourself time to wind down. As soon as work is done, I love lighting my Relax Candle while I write my list for the next day as it signals a full stop on the day. And you can’t beat a soak in the bath with the iconic Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil. But don’t worry if you haven’t got a bath, as you can also use it in the shower. Or why not try the NEW Shower Oil's which not only will help you wind down but will cleanse your skin beautifully and leave it silky soft.


Ensure your Bedroom is your Sanctuary

It is oh so tempting to catch up on social media or finish off those last e-mails in bed however if we are struggling to reset we need to ensure we keep our bedrooms for the purpose of resting our bodies, so make it an environment you want to be in. Use our Relax Room Fragrance on a burner, and mist your nightwear, linens and body with the Deep Relax Sleep Mist. Then make sure you have the Deep Relax Sleep Well Nourishing Body Treatment on your bedside cabinet to apply either to the whole body or just hands and feet as a short selfcare ritual before bed.

Behind our bestselling blend

"I would go as far as saying it’s the nearest thing we have to a sleep medicine"

Luke Taylor - Master Blender

It is the knowledge of what each individual essential oil does therapeutically as well as the know-how of what works well together to have an appealing aroma that is the secret to its success.

Deep Relax was created by one of our founders Geraldine Howard after her Aromatherapy tutor found out she was taking sleeping pills. She urged her to create a blend for herself and we are so fortunate that she did as over 35 years later the iconic blend is still our most sold blend.

The complex blend has stood the test of time simply because it works! Blended therapeutically it combines ingredients that are not softly relaxing, but that are deeply sedating and truly restful to mind and body – in short it was created to get you to sleep.

The essential oil mainly responsible for this is Vetivert, an earthy aroma that may or may not appeal to you on its own, however blended with sweet, calming and homegrown camomile as well as woody and grounding sandalwood, makes it the incredibly powerful blend it is.