When our days seem consumed with long to-do lists, responsibilities, work and family life, sometimes our most ordinary and everyday routines can turn into our most sacred moments of ‘me-time’ — like our morning or evening shower.

The shower can become something of a personal sanctuary, a place to disconnect from the world around you, to take a moment to focus on yourself to breathe and reset your wellbeing. And as April marks the beginning of Stress Awareness Month, it acts as another important reminder to carve time in your day, just for you, to slow down, de-stress and melt away the tensions of the day.

Whether you shower for 2 or 20 minutes, your routine can be powerfully therapeutic. Discover our daily moments of reset in the shower, so you emerge feeling calmer, stronger and ready for whatever your days have in store.

Energise & Awaken

with Revive Shower Oil

The Moment: Prepare for the day ahead and enjoy an invigorating energy boost

The Blend: A fresh fruity-floral blend, with an invigorating lift of Juniper berry and Geranium, coupled with stimulating Pink Grapefruit & Rosemary

"This is definitely a blend to use in your morning shower due to its energising benefits, so if you are not a morning person or just need that extra boost of energy - it is perfect! I like to enhance the benefits by dry body brushing with our Revive Body Brush, prior to showering.

Made with natural agave cactus bristles to help stimulate and detox skin, I use gentle, lifting strokes in the direction of the heart to exfoliate head-to-toe, before washing with our luxurious oil-to-milk Shower Oil".

Amy Bonfield, Education Manager

Calm & Focus

with De-Stress Shower Oil

The Moment: Unhook your mind from the day and soothe anxiety

The Blend: Woody Frankincense to restore clarity, refreshing Petitgrain for balance and Wild Camomile to calm

Via @amylbonfield

"This Shower Oil is ideal for your morning shower if you have a busy day ahead where you need to focus, or to end your day with a clear and calm mind to switch off.

Take your time to inhale some deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Let your breath flow as deep down into your belly as is comfortable, without forcing it. Count steadily from 1 to 5, then without pausing or holding your breath, let it flow out gently, counting from 1 to 5 again. I do this for 3 to 5 minutes while I soak in the shower, to really bring myself back to balance".

Amy Bonfield, Education Manager

Ease & Recover

with De-Stress Muscle Shower Oil

The Moment: Ease and soothe stiffness, aches and over-exerted muscles

The Blend: Healing properties of therapeutic Rosemary, warming Ginger and invigorating Black Pepper

Via @spacenk

"The perfect accompaniment to a post workout shower, or for if you have stiffness in your joints. While a lot of us have been working from home at our makeshift desks, our postures have suffered. After my working day, I carve time out to really enjoy my evening shower and properly massage the Muscle Shower Oil into any areas that feel particularly tense.

I focus on my neck and shoulders where most tension lies, placing two or three fingertips on the back of my neck and applying firm pressure and holding. I repeat this three times when my muscles start to feel more relaxed, also rolling my shoulders forwards and back slowly".

Amy Bonfield, Education Manager

Enrich Skin & Uplift

with Rose Shower Oil

The Moment: Uplift your spirit and nourish your skin

The Blend: A deep warm floral blend of vibrant Rose, known as the ‘Queen of Oils’ for its powerful emotional benefits, and fresh-lemony Geranium, supported with the rejuvenating powers of Palmarosa

"The luxurious and pampering aromas of the essential oils found in our Rose blend really help to uplift the mind and encourage optimism.

As well as the perfect beginning to the day, our Rose Shower Oil also makes for the perfect end. Envelop your body in our luxurious oil-to-milk formula, as our essential oil blend enriches your skin, uplifts your spirits and sets the scene for your evening of self-care. ⠀⠀

Once I have finished showering, I like to leave my bathroom door open to allow the aromas of Damask Rose, referred to as the queen among flowers, to travel all throughout my home".

Amy Bonfield, Education Manager

To complement your daily shower, we have partnered with Poppy Jamie, host of the podcast Happy Not Perfect, for a ‘Reset Ritual’ that will calm the mind and set you up for the day ahead.

Step into your shower and pour this rich oil into cupped hands, taking a moment to inhale the aromas of our essential oil blend. Massage into skin and experience it transform into a cleansing milk, as the therapeutic aromas fill your entire bathroom. Let Poppy’s guided meditation restore calm and bring you back to balance, as you enjoy a precious moment of wellbeing to begin your day or end your night.