Thoughtful Gift Guide: Deep Relax

Our gifts for the best night’s sleep
Thoughtful Gift Guide: Deep Relax
Thoughtful Gift Guide: Deep Relax
Thoughtful Gift Guide: Deep Relax

We all deserve the most tranquil evenings to rest our mind and body.

If the past few months have brought difficulties in adjusting to new daily schedules, or even lack of schedules – you aren’t alone. As we continue to adjust to our new ways of living, prioritising our sleep is the best thing we can do for ourselves, to ensure we are getting the hours we need to recuperate.

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep this Christmas and help a loved one unwind their senses this winter, with the calming powers of our award-winning Deep Relax blend.

Our Iconic Deep Relax Blend

With sleep being a key pillar in our wellbeing, it is no coincidence that our very first Aromatherapy Associates blend, born 35 years ago, was specially created for a restorative night’s rest: Deep Relax.

"I had created Deep Relax for myself, to treat my own insomnia that had stayed with me since my teens. The oil really, truly worked, so we started giving it to more people. We blended and filled the bottles out of our own kitchens, and it soon became our most sought-after blend"

Geraldine Howard, Aromatherapy Associates Founder

Since the day it was blended in Geraldine’s kitchen, our Deep Relax Blend of naturally sedative Vetivert essential oil, our hero sleep ingredient, comforting Sandalwood and soothing Camomile, has remained untouched.

For over 35 years, this blend has become a bedtime hero, helping many struggling with sleep enjoy the rest they deserve, and winning multiple awards over the past three decades – making the perfect gift for those in your life that need a little help getting to sleep every night.

Discover our gift guide, filled with our most relaxing wellbeing heroes, for blissful sleep, night after night.

Our Gift Guide

Mini Moment Deep Relax

Perfect For: A stocking filler or tree hanger, and those who deserve a little extra something.

Small yet mighty, our Mini Moment Deep Relax is the perfect gift for someone craving deep sleep.

Including our miniature 9ml Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, take a much-deserved self-care moment and run a hot bath or shower, using our lulling oil to soothe, relax and lull your senses.

With three wellbeing experiences in every bottle, our packaging includes a beautiful grosgrain ribbon for hanging, so you can add a magical touch to your tree.

Moments of Tranquil Sleep

Perfect For: Night-owls and restless sleepers

A good night’s sleep is precious – but not everyone falls asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow.

Our carefully curated Moment of Tranquil Sleep is here to help create a calming sleep sanctuary, with our selection of four bedtime heroes.

Including our Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil (9ml), Deep Relax Sleep Mist (10ml), Miniature Deep Relax Candle - especially crafted with the restful powers of our Deep Relax blend - and all housed in a beautiful velvet pouch and a velvet eye mask.

Take a much-deserved moment of sleep and relax into a night of tranquillity with our lulling evening ritual.

Moment Of Sleep Duo

Perfect For: those who need sleep on-the-go

The perfect introduction to your best night's sleep. Our Moments of Sleep Duo is travel greindly and perfect for those who only have time for a two step routine.

Our Deep Relax Blends is a calming concoction that contains soothing vetiver – a natural sedative, as well as camomile to de-stress and sandalwood to help feel grounded, all of which combine to help you switch off.

Moment To Treasure

Perfect For: Those who deserve to be spoilt with an entire Sunday afternoon of self-care.

In our most decadent collection ever, discover 16 of our most loved products offering over 100 wellbeing experiences.

Our very special Moment To Treasure box includes two drawers full of indulgent pampering, to enjoy self-care from morning until night.

In the second drawer is everything needed for an evening of self-care, including our award-winning and best-selling Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, for 20 therapeutic bathing experiences, our Relax Candle to set the most calming scene and our Deep Relax Nourishing Body Treatment and Sleep Mist.

Revel in our long, luxuriating self-care moments to soothe the senses, promote a long, restful sleep and ensure you wake up feeling refreshed and restored. 

Ultimate Hamper Of Wellbeing

Perfect For: those who love to be pampered and deserve to be spoilt with this ultimate gift.

Indulge yourself in the world of Aromatherapy Associates with our Ultimate Hamper of Wellbeing. This luxurious hamper contains all the products you need to help unwind and relax, including our Atomiser.

Our Atomiser allows you to seamlessly switch between different Pure Essential Oils and disperse micro-fine mists directly from the bottle, to match every mood and meet every wellbeing need.

Our exquisite ceramic diffuser is also fully portable with optimised run times & a soft halo of light, allowing you to truly relax and surround your senses in pure wellbeing.

Gifts That Protect Our Planet

As a certified B Corp, we are committed to becoming the most sustainable business we can be, being the best for the world in our environmentally conscious and eco-friendly efforts.

This year alll of our Christmas product packaging is reusable or recyclable, making it our most eco-friendly Christmas Collection yet.

The ribbons used in our Christmas collection have been replaced with Tencel ribbon whcih is a 100% bio based material using responsibly harvested eucalyptus and spruce trees.

We have also removed and no longer using plastic bags, saving over 50,000 bags per year

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