Tracey Woodward - CEO

I loved Aromatherapy Associates' products long before I was the CEO so I am lucky to have a role with the company that I truly love where we have a great working culture within our business. One of my favourite products and has been for the last 10 years, is the Miniature Bath & Shower Collection, they go everywhere with me! I constantly take counsel from our wellbeing experts on the art of living well, as a brand we are totally focused on self care, I believe this is the best health care
preventive approach listening and connecting with yourself,
everything in balance food, exercise amongst other things.

Customer Service

Rachel Jones - Customer Service Supervisor

I head up the Customer Service team and ensure that the team and I respond to customers' queries as soon as possible, a great part of my job is hearing how our products have helped our customers in their personal lives! One of my favourite products from our brand is the Hydrating Nourishing Facial Oil. I don’t drink enough water therefore my skin becomes really de-hydrated and this product is great as it nourishes my skin and gives it the boost of hydration needed.

Tara Langfrey - Customer Service Advisor

I've been part of Aromatherapy Associates for 14 years and I love how far our brand has come and grown! As well as other products, one of my favourites is the De-Stress Muscle Gel which is always my go to for any aches, pains and even when I have a headache.

EMEA Sales Team

Zoe Teden- Retail Business Development Manager

I head up Retail and Online Retailers accounts , developing existing relationships and sales as well as intorducing new business. I love the smell of Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil and I always use Anti-Ageing Overnight Repair Mask before I go to bed as I never have time to pamper myself and really take care of my skin.

Sara Last - Spa Development Manager

I'm responsible for all of EMEA Spa business development, I really love our De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oils, definitely a great product for a busy person, it really helps me sleep and calm my mind so I can just switch off.

Education Team

Christina Salcedas - Global Director of Education

I am responsible for Aromatherapy Associates Global Education vision and strategy. I've been working for Aromatherapy Associates for a number of years now, I love to hear how the brand has helped people in their everyday lives. My particular life changer is definitely the Intensive Skin Treatment Oil, it works a treat and gives your skin an extra boost after sun exposure, post sickness when it's just not looking itself.

Monica Fronseca - EMEA Trainer

I'm part of the training team and I take care of the education of Southern EMEA Region, I love our Enrich Nourishing Butter, it really does leave the skin silky soft and well nurtured and it's always a great product when finishing off a treatment. It's also a favourite product of our clients and delivers great results. Definitely one of my top 5!

Rose Price- EMEA Senior Spa Trainer

I'm responsible for the education of the London training school and Spa and Retail acounts within EMEA Region. I love our De-stress Frankincense Pure Essential Oil, it's my must have essential oil and has an Incredible power to focus my mind and deepen my breathing on the go.