Aromatherapy Associates supports Mind for wellbeing

Spending time in green spaces and bringing nature into your everyday life is one way you can benefit both your mental and physical wellbeing, reducing feelings of stress helping you feel more relaxed and connected.

Aromatherapy Associates captures the power of nature in its essential oil blends. Handcrafted with up to 30% pure essential oil concentration in its bath and shower range, each intricate blend delivers at a therapeutic level, transforming a daily ritual into a sensorial experience. 

Our Partnership

Aromatherapy Associates is partnering with Mind, the mental health charity, to help and inspire people to find ways to bring wellbeing activities into their everyday lives. We are running a year-long programme, pledging to donate a minimum of £25,000 to Mind’s vital services.

Unwind into Nature

The newest blend in the collection is at the forefront of our sponsorship. Forest Therapy is inspired by the Japanese art of ‘Shinrin-Yoku’ or forest bathing. It’s known that spending time in the forest is beneficial for the body and mind. This blend transports you back into the woodlands with uplifting Pink Pepper, cleansing Juniper Berry and Calming Mediterranean Cypress, a burst of nature when you are in the city or at home.

Discover Mind 

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Learn more about how to bring wellbeing into your everyday life - click through to Mind, the mental health charity's website below.


Mind is a registered charity in England (no. 219830) and a registered company (no. 424348) in England and Wales.