The Pick and Mix Bathing Selection Kit

50% OFF | WORTH £20

Details & Benefits

Have a aromatherapy powered soak where ever you ago with our handy travel size bathing edit.


Wellbeing Kit worth £20


Need your best night's sleep? Soak in our Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil and feel the calming concoction of Vetivert, soothing Chamomile and woody Sandalwood to help you switch off … and subsequently drift off.


Feel run down and worn out and need a wellbeing hug? Our Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil contains the most potent oils that would deliver the comfort you need. Breathe in the herbaceous Clary Sage, earthy Cardamom and calming Frankincense to calm the mind and soul.  


Need to escape from the city and immerse in nature? Escape into the scents of our Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil. Created on the principle that time spent among trees and in nature can be immensely beneficial in terms of decreasing stress and boosting wellbeing. This blend stars restorative Ho Wood (a fragrant oil that’s similar to Rosewood), uplifting Pink Pepper and Cypress.


Or bury your nose in beautiful blooms for an instant hit of positivity, with a soak in our Rose Bath & Shower Oil. Prized in aromatherapy for centuries, it is sure to uplift your mind and leave a lingering scent of Damask Rose and balancing Geranium, as well as conditioning Palmarosa, on your skin.



Feeling an emotional imbalance? Discover one of the ‘hidden gems’ in our collection. The Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil is a blend of focusing Frankincense, uplifting Rose and balancing Geranium to bring balance and harmony.


This kit gives you 5 shower or soak experiences, and contains:

1 x Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, 3ml

1 x Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil, 3ml

1 x Rose Bath & Shower Oil, 3ml

1 x Forest Therapy Bath & Shower Oil, 3ml

1 x Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil, 3ml


Please note this kit does not come in a gift box/bag.

Emotional BENEFITS

Deep Relax helps create a relaxing night-time routine before a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Support Equilibrium was specially created for bringing balance and harmony for your mind, body and skin.

Rose uplifts and promotes optimism.

Inner Strength builds emotional resilience in the face of stressful situations and upheaval.

Forest Therapy helps re-create the calm and tranquillity of being in nature.


Once rinsed, our Bath & Shower Oils leave a luxurious softness to your skin and aromas that linger throughout your day.

Scent description

Deep Relax is Herbal, woody and earthy.

Support Equilibrium is floral, sweet and resinous.

Forest Therapy is refreshing, earthy and citrussy.

Rose is floral and sweet.

Inner Strength is balsamic, sweet and spicy

Sensible Cautions

Keep out of reach of children. For adults only. If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition, seek advice before use. To avoid a slippery surface, clean bath after use.

Key Ingredients



Damask Rose

Lifts the spirits





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