Indulge in the ultimate spa treatment to prepare for a tranquil night’s sleep in the comfort of your own home.


Our best-selling & award-winning blend of restful Vetivert, soothing Camomile & comforting Sandalwood ease you into a restful & tranquil night.

Wellbeing Moments:

It is important that you get the right ambience for your experience, so turn off any electrical devices. Try to dim your lights down as much as possible. 


Run your bath and familiarise yourself with the products featured in the treatment. 


Firstly, take your Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil. Apply a third of the bottle to the palm of your hand and apply the oil to the chest, abdomen, lower back and shoulders. Bring your hands to your face and take a couple of deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. 


Step into your bath and enjoy a comforting 20 minute soak to allow your mind and body to fully relax. 


Step out the bath and pat your skin dry. Apply the Relax body oil in long stroked all over the body. Concentrate on any dry areas such as elbows & knees. 


Next, apply your Deep Relax Sleep Well Body Butter in circular motions, all over the body.


Using the Deep Relax Sleep Mist, mist the air, your pillow and your night wear.


When you are ready to retire to bed, take the Relax rollerball with you. Apply to pulse points, on the wrists and behind the ears.


Ensure you are lying comfortably in bed; maybe pop a pillow underneath your knees to relieve any lower back pain. Breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth.


Take this time to do some body scanning. Feel yourself present in the moment. Feel where your head rests on the pillow. Scan down your legs, into the feet and your heels. 


And then gradually come back up again, scanning hips, shoulders and your neck. Continue with your breath work until you feel yourself drifting off to your restful night of sleep.


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Duration: 30 mins
Cost: Complimentary


Enjoy a complimentary virtual 1-2-1 wellbeing session with one of our wellbeing experts.


In this 30 minute session, we will focus on your wellbeing needs- use the comments box in the booking form to let us know the particular area you would like to focus on.




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