Aera Smart Home Diffuser - Full Day of Wellbeing


Aera Smart Home Diffuser - Full Day of Wellbeing


Breathe in Wellbeing, Morning to Night

Our Full Day of Wellbeing bundle provides a revolutionary and exquisite scent experience, filling your space with our 100% natural blends, derived from an inexhaustible variety of plants and flowers sourced from the wildest and most remote places in the world.

Using advanced micro-droplet diffusion technology, 360° of ultra-tiny scent molecules are released into the air, dispersing the lively and rich essences of our essential oils – for up to 500 hours.

  • Play your fragrance like your music. Our expertly calibrated and award-winning essential oils blends are offered in easy-to-use, press-and-play capsules, so you can breathe in our powerful, mood-boosting scents at any time.
  • Control scent intensity through your phone for the perfect ambience, and schedule our capsules to release their fragrance at the exact moment you wake up, or as your winding down before bed.
  • With no heat, no flame and no smoke involved, enjoy a non-toxic, eco-friendly and low carbon footprint experience.

  • Includes: an Aera Smart Diffuser and 2x capsules

    DEEP RELAX - Perfect for those who struggle with sleep or have an overactive mind, blended with calming aromas of Camomile, Vetivert, and Sandalwood.

    REVIVE MORNING - Juniper Berry, Mandarin, and Grapefruit refresh and revitalise your environment and get good energy flowing. *Aera Smart Diffuser must be used in conjunction with our fragrance capsules
    Please note this product is excluded from all promotional offers.
    This product is excluded from any promotional offers


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    Step 1
    Position the diffuser using the ‘Placement Directions’ on reverse and plug it in. It will automatically power on.

    Step 2
    Holding the fragrance capsule upright, remove BOTH top and bottom plugs.

    Step 3
    Insert the capsule into the diffuser opening and press it down a quarter inch or so. It will automatically lower the capsule further into the diffuser and play.

    (To change fragrances, press the eject button. Wait for the capsule to lift, then pull it out the rest of the way. Replace the top and bottom plugs.)

    Step 4
    Adjust fragrance intensity by pressing the + or – volume buttons.
    We recommend starting at the highest volume and slowly turning it down to find your desired scent effect.

    Step 5
    Download the Aera For Home app to easily set a fragrance schedule and operate the diffuser magically.

    Benefits you will experience:

    • Recuperated
    • Refreshed
    • Relaxed
    • Revived
    • Prepared