We're strong advocates for maintaining a healthy lifestyle both on the road and at home. With the travel season in full swing, keeping your physical and mental health front of mind is important. Travel can take a toll on the body, but there are ways you can improve your overall health when you're on the move. Take a look at our top tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle while on the road:

  1. Be prepared
    Practice total body health before and during your trip to build up your body's natural ability to manage the stresses of travel. No matter the length of travel, use the power of vitamins and supplements to boost your immune system to keep your body in balance and ready for anything.

    TRY: Support Breathe Essence: Fend off airborne bacteria or clear congestion in-flight by deeply inhaling this antibacterial essence.

  2. Stay balanced
    If you know your food intake will be inconsistent while traveling, pack things that will keep you running at optimal performance. Having healthy snacks on hand makes it easy to avoid eating processed foods and keep you on your normal healthy routine. Fuel your body with high quality foods and add some greens to your meals at every opportunity to feel refreshed, healthy and ready to start your adventure.
  3. Hydrate
    Cabin pressure and dry, re-circulated air can instantly zap moisture from your skin. Because the humidity drops significantly inside an airplane, your skin can dry our quickly and cause discomfort. Drinking plenty of water and avoiding sodas, alcohol and caffeine is the best way to keep skin naturally hydrated so you feel better physically and mentally after your flight.

    TRY: Rose Hydrating Mist: Combat dryness by spritzing rosewater on your face to give skin a boost of moisture.

  4. Be active
    Exercise not only boosts the immune system, it releases feel-good chemicals and helps prevent jet lag. Head to the hotel fitness center, walk as much as possible or take time to find a workout routine that is easy and adaptable for you while traveling to keep you healthy.

    TRY: De-Stress Muscle Gel: Relieve tension from a long day of traveling or exercise by applying this warming gel to areas of concern.

  5. Rest
    It can be difficult to find some downtime outside the comfort of your own home. Just as exercise is crucial while traveling, so is rest. When possible, try to stick to your regular sleep schedule and incorporate items that remind you of home and a good night's rest like your favorite pillow, scent or sleep mask.

    TRY: Deep Relax Balm: If you have difficulty getting to sleep, try this powerful blend of Vetivert, Chamomile and Sandalwood essential oils to lull you into deep, restful sleep.