We sit down with our CEO, Tracey Woodward and asked about her wellbeing story, favorite self-care routine and wellness destinations.

At what point did wellness become a way of life for you? Was there a specific event that brought wellness into your stream of consciousness or did it evolve over time?
I believe that it started when I joined Donna Karan back in the 90’s though I have been focused on wellness throughout my career. Donna Karan had a refreshing view towards beauty. Confidence and mindfulness were at the brand’s core leveraging the teachings of Deepak Chopra to name but one of the luminaries who influenced the brand. There were wellness components during my time at Aveda and MOP but it really took off when I ran Urban Retreat at Harrods where we opened a wellbeing clinic and a healthy eating cafe back in the 2005 – well ahead of the current trend towards wellbeing. When I was at Marks & Spencer’s the vision was to celebrate women and men by helping them to be the best version of themselves, so when I arrived at Aromatherapy Associates I had a lot of useful wellbeing experience. It was a joy to bring my energy to a brand that I have loved and used my entire beauty career. It is such an honor. Our founders Sue and Geraldine were true pioneers for Wellbeing.

What is your wellbeing routine? Are there things that you do daily? Weekly, monthly?
I use all of our products and I meditate daily. As a part of my daily routine, I body and face brush. I love being in nature and walk at least 30km per week. I also attend KObox which is a great new find for me and I absolutely love intermittent fasting. Last but not least I attend Buchinger Wilhelmi at least once per year to cleanse my mind, body, and soul. I truly believe that self-care is the first form of healthcare.
What are your favorite Aromatherapy Associates products?I have way more than one I need to share! There are some that I have used since before I was CEO and I can’t live without them! They are De-Stress Muscle Gel and the Miniature Bath Oil Collection which I actually started using them when there were just 5 products in a box. I have used our body brush and face oils for many years. I love our oils because they are high intensity. I have friends that have used the brand since 1985, a true testament to the quality and integrity of our products. Taking yourself on a sensory journey is really important. It is said that what you smell is what you need.
What are some of your favorite wellness destinations and why?I like Buchinger Wilhelmi for the fasting. It will change your life. I like Yvonne Wake's Retreat for Wellness and Aromatherapy Associates treatments, and last but not least, I like Galgorm for its kindness. They nurture and treat you really well with the sound of the river as a backdrop. They offer exceptional service nestled in the heart of the Belfast countryside. It is just wonderful.
Why do you think the trend around corporate wellness is increasing?

We have a duty of care to our employees, and also an openness to mental and physical health that we didn’t have before. Companies that truly care about their employees are stepping up to lead the way and guide people through the challenges of everyday life. Unless you had a fabulous parenting experience, no one ever teaches you how to breathe correctly, meditate, stretch, and sleep well. We are just expected to know yet these are the components that drive individual stability. The number of work hours lost to stress is enormous. We have to make sure our employees are well.

What is your forecast for what the world of wellness will look like in 5 years? Self-care will be everywhere and science is showing us the impact of neglecting our health. I hope that we will make a seismic shift and that people evaluating themselves and their lifestyles will become the norm. There is no point in living longer if we don’t have a good quality of life.

In one word, what do you want customers to take away from using Aromatherapy Associates products? This movement is about how you want to feel. We deliver on intention and purpose – I know those are two words. Our mission is to help you sleep, relax, manage stress, and feel energized. We want to put you back in control of your health for the life you want to live.