As the seasons change and temperatures shift, so do our wellbeing needs. From seasonal allergies to sun exposure, aromatherapy can play a powerful role in enhancing our protection and wellbeing to see us through the hot summer months.

With its three therapeutic essential oil blends, our Support Collection is the perfect support system for that little extra self-care to ensure you stay healthy and strong all season long.

Support Breathe

If you are congested, need an immune boost or suffering with a seasonal allergy, our Support Breathe blend is your summer saviour.

Created to protect and support our immune system, Support Breathe helps to ease airways, while keeping your space and air purified and clean. With a refreshing aroma, the blend combines Tea Tree, known for many years to be anti-bacterial and anti-viral, Eucalyptus, recognised to help ease breathing, and Pine, renowned for its anti-septic properties. Each essential oil combines to release a soothing aroma that helps to clear your senses.

"Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil is a product I always keep in my bathroom cabinet to reach for when I feel like I am coming down with something, working to boost my immune system and speed up recovery. Just one capful onto my torso and chest and breathe in the essential oils prior to a bath or shower. I prefer to use this blend in a hot shower to create a steam room experience, really clearing any congestion"

Amy Bonfield, Aromatherapy Associates Lead Therapist and Trainer

Support Lavender & Peppermint

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The perfect travel and staycation companion.

This soothing and relieving blend was created to help with sensitive digestion, tension headaches and hot skin after a long day spent under the sun.

With high concentrations of cooling Peppermint and high-altitude grown Lavender, our most simple yet effective blend provides the comfort we need for those indulgent summertime moments: from the countless ice creams to the picnics in the park and the basking in glorious sunshine.

“Lavender and Peppermint is a must for these warm sunny days. Peppermint is super cooling so make sure you apply a capful to your torso before entering your evening shower - before you turn the taps off, turn the water to as cold as you possibly can and pass it over the body to ensure you stay cool during the night”

Christina Salcedas, Global Director of Education and Wellbeing

Support Equilibrium

Our Support Equilibrium blend is an uplift in a bottle.

Though summer’s sensorial delights are in abundance, life can always throw us unexpected curve balls that cloud our days and scatter our emotions.  When we are experiencing these moments of hormonal and emotional disruption, get them back into balance with this comforting blend.

Fresh and enlivening, Support Equilibrium combines citrus notes of Bergamot with an enriching floral bouquet of Geranium and Rose, supported with the finest Frankincense to help harmonise our hormones.

Time to enjoy summer to its fullest potential with your support system of wellbeing heroes:  to uplift your immunity and ease your mind, body and spirit.