Summer is the season for embracing a natural-looking glow and letting your sun-kissed skin shine through. But what’s the key to achieving that luminosity?

Our skin requires special care to keep it healthy and radiant during the warmer months. Discover our skincare tips to achieve a healthy, dewy, lit-from-within glow to last you through the summer months and beyond.

Why Is a Skincare Routine So Important?

Our skin is one of the largest organs, working hard every day to protect our bodies from environmental aggressors.

The key to skin resilience is knowing your skin and treating it well, which is why investing in a proper routine can transform your complexion and help keep your outermost surface layer of skin healthy and intact.

Using the right products can help boost this important protective layer, preserving essential lipids and moisture that lend skin its natural, radiant glow.

Our 3 Layer-Locking Steps to Brighter Skin

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Although we all intend on drinking plenty of water, our body is busy prioritising it elsewhere, so we need to supplement it for our skin - and that comes in the form of a serum. Light in texture and easily absorbed, this is the first step post-cleansing to ensure your skin has what it needs for that healthy glow.


Your oil is your next step, it's purpose is to soften and feed the skin with a complex mixture of essential and base oils. Enhance this step with a massage to help stimulate circulation to naturally brighten the skin.


Lastly apply one pump of moisturiser to the face and another to the décolleté to lock in your serum and oil.

Our At-Home Facial

For a radiance-boosting facial that combines anti-ageing and glow-inducing techniques to illuminate skin and leave your face, body and mind revitalised, look no further than our signature techniques.

Our Global Director of Education and Wellbeing, Christina Salcedas, recommends incorporating a facial massage into your usual skincare regimen at least once a week. An at-home facial has a range of benefits that extend beyond radiant looking skin, including: increasing circulation, reducing visible signs of tension from the skin and helping to address any visible puffiness.

Start off with a thoroughly cleansed face. Pump a little of your favourite nourishing facial oil to clean hands and warm gently between the fingertips...


Apply this oil onto your face, in long, lifting strokes starting from your chin and up towards your forehead


Using your index fingers, draw zig zags across the forehead, starting just above the eyebrows and working your way up to the hairline


Using flat palms, stroke your forehead upwards from eyebrows to hairline, alternating your hands


Circle your temples in a lifting movement, using your index and middle fingers


Slide under your eyes from temples to nose with index and middle fingers, bring fingers up in between your eyebrows in a lifting movement and stretch outwards towards your temples


Using index and middle fingers, stroke above the eyebrow in a lifting movement towards the middle of the forehead, starting at the inner corner of the eyebrow working out to the temple, alternating your hands. Repeat to the other side


Pinch along jawline, starting at your chin working out towards your ears with thumbs and index fingers. Using the tips of your fingers, massage where your top and bottom jaw meet in upward circles


Using your fingertips, lightly stroke outwards over your cheeks from your nose to your ears. Repeat this movement to your jaw, starting on your chin, stroking out towards your ears

If you’re looking to boost your natural radiance and glow, try our layer locking ritual and at-home facial techniques and see your skin transform.

Our Glow-Enhancing Skincare

Our face care infuses luxurious essential oils — containing the most nourishing and anti-ageing properties — with skin repairing and regenerating actives to leave your complexion glowing.

Harnessing the radiance-boosting powers of the finest essential oils, each of our targeted skincare products boasts deeply nourishing and replenishing properties to heal and protect the surface of the skin, leaving your complexion supple, brighter and more luminous.