We all know somebody who needs and deserves an uplift right now.

This Christmas, transform their mornings into a moment of self-care and give the most thoughtful gift of wellness, to put themselves first. Filled with our reviving wellness heroes, our collections are here to help that special person in your life enjoy an uplifting routine that will energise their days ahead.

The Power of a Morning Routine

In this changing world, taking control of the things we are able to, like a morning routine, can instil a sense of positivity and direction to our days.

A moment of self-care when you wake up can help create a comfortable and familiar space to check in with yourself, energise your body, uplift your mind and encourage feelings of optimism for whatever the day has in store.

Let our curated list of gifts inspire the most positive of mornings. 

Our Gift Guide

Moments of Discovery

Perfect For: Bath lovers & those who are seeking a wellness reset

The Gift

Our wardrobe of ten Bath & Shower Oils in our Moments of Discovery collection allows you to indulge in a daily moment of self-care, with whichever essential oil blend your mind & body is drawn to.

Including our best-selling Revive Morning blend, infused with Juniper Berry, Neroli and refreshing Grapefruit essential oils, to greet each morning feeling confident and optimistic.

AM to PM Wellbeing Home Fragrance Collection

Perfect For: A thoughtful present for anyone's home

The Gift

Scent is the strongest sense, so why not give the most powerful gift this festive season. Make their home, senses and spirits bright with our AM to PM Wellbeing Home Fragrance Collection.

Featuring our powerhouse of essential oil fragrances, plus our ceramic home diffuser, our collection is the ultimate gift to create your own oasis at home.

Including the perfect scent to evoke inspiring and energising mornings, pour a few drops of our invigorating Revive Room Fragrance, blended with Neroli, Bergamot and Frankincense, onto your diffuser as you wake up and prepare for the day.

Moments to Treasure

Perfect For: Those who deserve to be spoilt with an entire Sunday afternoon of self-care

The Gift

In our most decadent collection ever, discover 18 of our most loved products offering over 100 wellbeing experiences.

Our very special treasure box includes three drawers full of indulgent pampering. 

In the third drawer is everything needed for an invigorating self-care ritual, including our iconic Revive Body Brush for rejuvenated, smooth skin and our Revive Energising Exfoliator infused with our refreshing essential oils and glow-boosting actives. Revel in our long, luxuriating self-care moments to reveal your skin’s true radiance and feel awakened - mind, body & spirit.

Moment of Indulgence

Perfect For: Those who need uplifting & a reminder to spend time on themselves

The Gift

Optimism shouldn’t only be felt in the morning.

Give the gift of a rare spare hour in the evening, for those who need a moment of uplifting to end their day on the most positive note.

Our Moment of Indulgence collection includes a full-size brand-new Rose Reimagined Bath & Shower Oil, alongside a mini Relax Candle and two of our Hydrosol Sheet Masks – for the ultimate moment of luxurious self-care.

Warm Damask Rose, known to be a natural anti-depressant, is combined with pure essential oils of Geranium & Palmarosa in our Rose Bath & Shower Oil, working together to create a powerfully therapeutic blend that uplifts your spirits, bringing a renewed sense of optimism for the week ahead.

Gifts That Protect Our Planet

As a certified B Corp, we are committed to becoming the most sustainable business we can be, being the best for the world in our environmentally conscious and eco-friendly efforts.

This holiday season, we have removed 1.5 tonnes of plastic from our festive range, equivalent to 80,000 single-use plastic bottles. Each holiday collection is also vegan-friendly, using only the purest ingredients and essential oils sourced from nature.

Our collections are all made from fully recyclable gift packaging, with finishing touches so beautiful they do not need to be wrapped. Plus, our pouches, boxes and chests can also be cherished and re-used in your home.

Give the ultimate, thoughtful gift this season.