1. Unlock Your Potential

    Unlock Your Potential

    Finding inner strength, resilience and stillness after lockdown
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  2. Discover the Power of Aromatherapy

    Discover the Power of Aromatherapy

    Tune into your wellbeing needs and find the perfect essential oil blend for you
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  3. Helping you drift into sleep for 35 years: Our Deep Relax Blend

    Helping you drift into sleep for 35 years: Our Deep Relax Blend

    The secrets behind our very first blend
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  4. Feel your strongest self this season

    Feel your strongest self this season

    Our 3 step self-care ritual to help build you back up to your healthiest, happiest self.
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  5. Rest is the new Sleep

    Rest is the new Sleep

    Rest is thought to be just as beneficial to our wellbeing as sleep. We explore the benefits of rest.
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  6. A Two-Minute Guide to Dry Body Brushing

    A Two-Minute Guide to Dry Body Brushing

    If dry body brushing isn’t already part of your daily routine, it should be. Recently BBC recommended on ‘The Truth About Looking Good’ dry body brushing as the most effective cellulite treatment trialed. We have been sharing our positive experiences about this technique for many years through our treatments. Dry body brushing is incredibly beneficial in so many ways: It...
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  7. 10 Baths for Wellness

    10 Baths for Wellness

    With daily stresses of life, nothing sounds better than winding down in a warm bath. Bathing has a long and detailed history and has been in practice for centuries to ensure optimal health of the mind and body. From manic Mondays to self-care Sundays, our 10 Bath & Shower Oils can help you with every wellbeing need:Your mood: My hormones...
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  8. Aromatherapy Associates x FabFitFun

    Aromatherapy Associates x FabFitFun

    Summer is almost here and we're celebrating by announcing that our De-Stress Muscle Gel will be included the in summer FabFitFun Box! Give your muscles the TLC they deserve with our bestselling De-Stress Muscle Gel, available now in the FabFitFun Summer Box. The box comes stocked with $200+ fashion, fitness, beauty and lifestyle goodies we know you're going to love. Enjoy $10 off...
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  9. Mindful Breathing Ritual

    Overworked, sleepless, stressed or under pressure? Turns out mindful breathing is the body’s strongest self-healing mechanism and one of the fastest and easiest ways to combat the demands of everyday life.Our mindfulness expert Terrance the Teacher encourages you to make space and time to breathing deeply and reconnect with your body. His powerful and effective 7/11 exercise instantly helps to...
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  10. How to Take a Better Bath

    We take bath time very seriously here at Aromatherapy Associates. But as our lives have become busier and time has become even rarer, taking a bath has slipped slowly to the bottom of our list of priorities. While we may reserve baths for rare occasions like a once-in-a-blue-moon lazy Sunday or when we need some serious TLC, it’s important that...
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