1. The Secret to Pressing Pause

    The Secret to Pressing Pause

    Rebalance your mind and body for the new season
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  2. Your Shower Reset Ritual

    Your Shower Reset Ritual

    Poppy Jamie shares her ultimate shower time reset
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  3. Sleep Sound this Summer

    Sleep Sound this Summer

    Ample sunshine, longer days and warmer temperatures. Summer days are a boost to the spirit after a long winter, but when night falls, you may find yourself tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep. Even for those who usually have no difficulty sleeping through the night, summer can be a feat. To turn your restless nights into restorative shut eye...
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  4. Unlock Your Potential

    Unlock Your Potential

    Finding inner strength, resilience and stillness after lockdown
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  5. The Secrets of our Scents

    The Secrets of our Scents

    Our Master Blender tells the story behind each drop of essential oil in our AM to PM Diffuser Blend Collection Spending hours at a time in our laboratory crafting the perfect synergy of essential oils, our Master Blender Luke Taylor, or the ‘nose’ of Aromatherapy Associates, knows every intricacy of our signature blends by heart. Today, he takes us through...
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  6. Self-Isolation Tips

    Self-Isolation Tips

    Carving Positive Daily Routines through Aromatherapy. By Dr. Tara Swart.
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  7. Circadian Rhythms

    Circadian Rhythms

    Maintaining Natural Sleep Cycles to Support a Healthy Immune System, with Dr. Neil Stanley
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  8. How does Aromatherapy help?

    How does Aromatherapy help?

    The Science behind how our essential oil blends transform you - mind, body & soul.
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  9. Stress Management in the Workplace

    Stress Management in the Workplace

    Guest post by India Gary-Martin, Work Wellbeing Ambassador Let’s face it, Americans are pretty stressed out. In the U.S. money and work are often cited as the main drivers of stress and the prevalence of illness is increasing like never before. Companies large and small are trying to figure out creative ways to help employees relieve stress which has the...
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  10. Best Foods for Better Sleep

    Best Foods for Better Sleep

    Guest post by Nora Minno, Aromatherapy Associates Eat, Move Wellbeing AmbassadorWhile the importance of sleep may be evident, it may leave you wondering, what can I do in my everyday life to sleep better? While there are important lifestyle factors that can contribute to good sleep hygiene, including regular exercise and reducing screen time before bed, nutrition can also play...
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