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  1. The Power of Rose

    Throughout history no flower has been so loved or renowned as the rose. Roses have been revered both as plant and essential oil. Among all the flowers in the world, Rose has the oldest history with fossilized remains estimated to be over 35 million years old.What is Rose Essential Oil?Considered as one of the most revered skincare ingredients available, it...
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  2. 2017: The New Year's Pledge

    The New Year stands before us like a fresh page in a blank book. New Year's resolutions are the perfect opportunity to take the first step to making changes to your routine and helping you take on whatever bigger challenges the year might bring. What will you write for the New Year? Try these five resolutions and start 2017 off...
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  3. Time to Love

    Throughout January we are focusing on time to love you and others around you. We often are so caught up with our day to day lives that we forget to look at how much we've achieved and praising ourselves for all that we have faced. January is the perfect time for Inner Strength as we are faced with managing long...
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  4. 5 Tips to Start Your Self-Care Practice

    We often get wrapped up in the everyday bustle of the world and forget to take care of the most important thing: ourselves. Self-care is a divine responsibility and we owe it to ourselves to take a step back to nourish our mind, body and spirit with the same level of kindness and compassion we show others.Finding balance is a...
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  5. Is Your Skin Sensitive?

    Have you ever experienced redness, itching, stinging or dry and flaky skin? These are all signs of skin sensitivity. Understanding whether or not you truly have skin sensitivity is the first step in perfecting your skincare regimen.What Is the Skin's Barrier?Our uppermost layer, the skin barrier is a living organ and is designed to protect us from the perils of...
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  6. Introducing Inner Strength Skincare + GIVEAWAY!

    We're thrilled to announce the arrival of the new Inner Strength Skincare. Learn more about our newest skincare range and how you can win the entire Inner Strength Skincare collection! What Is Inner Strength Skincare?Inner Strength has been specifically developed for sensitive skin and is designed to rebuild the skin's natural strength and protect it from the effects of emotional...
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  7. How to Use Face Oils During the Summer Months

    With fears of clogged pores or a greasy complexion, face oils are one of those tricky skincare categories that often get a bad rap. Contrary to what many might believe, oils are actually perfect for warmer weather, as they are lighter than a majority of creams. In short: Oils are the perfect base to moisturize your skin, particularly when they're...
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  8. 5 Simple Yoga Stretches for Work

    Sitting at your desk in front of your screen all day can often leave you drained and uncomfortable. To help you make it through the day and feel more energized and efficient, take a moment and try some office yoga to keep your wellbeing in order. Try these 5 simple exercises either sitting at your desk or standing up. Before...
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  9. The Power of Dry Brushing

    Dry brushing has been practiced for centuries and has been used by many cultures such as the Japanese, Russians, Native Americans and more. This age-old beauty technique takes root from Ayurvedic medicine and the popular spa treatment can improve health and rejuvenate the body naturally. There are many health benefits that dry brushing can do for you in your morning...
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  10. How To Stay Healthy While Traveling

    We're strong advocates for maintaining a healthy lifestyle both on the road and at home. With the travel season in full swing, keeping your physical and mental health front of mind is important. Travel can take a toll on the body, but there are ways you can improve your overall health when you're on the move. Take a look at...
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