Deep Relax Aera Capsule


Deep Relax Aera Capsule

The Deep Relax blend is a vital part of the bedtime ritual, especially for those who struggle with sleep and an overactive mind. Providing 500 hours of scent*, our award-winning complex combines Camomile to calm, Vetivert, which acts as a natural sedative, and Sandalwood to provide comfort.

*Fragrance capsules must be used in conjunction with the Aera Smart Diffuser
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  • Vegan
  • Nut-Free
  • SLS-Free

The Ritual

Fragrance Capsule Preparation
Cut open the bag holding the fragrance capsule (it will not tear).
Holding the capsule upright, remove the bottom (larger, white) plug first. Do not force the plugs out as a drop or two of fragrance may come with it.
Slowly remove the smaller (red) plug from the top of the capsule. Pulling too fast could create a vacuum effect that may release drops of fragrance.
Insert the fragrance capsule into the diffuser and press down about a ¼ inch. When inserted properly, the capsule will start to move down on its own.

CAUTION: Do not force the capsule into the diffuser. Always remove both plugs from the capsule before placing in the diffuser.


Benefits you will experience:

  • Recuperated
  • Refreshed
  • Relaxed
  • Revived

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