What is Frankincense Essential Oil?


Frankincense is arguably the most spiritual of essential oils and has been used for thousands of years.


The name can be broken down to the old French franc, meaning pure, and the Latin incensum, which means to smoke. The burning gum is said to purify the air, hence its use in various religious rituals.


Frankincense essential oil is steam distilled from the dried gum exuded from various wild trees of the genus Boswellia. The various species can be found in remote areas of India and the Middle East, but the largest producers are Ethiopia and Somaliland.


What are the key benefits of Frankincense?



Frankincense is great for focus, to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and used heavily for meditation. It is also used extensively on the skin for its healing and revitalising properties, with it being said to combat fine lines.


Frankincense was the favourite essential oil of both of our founders, second only to Rose.



We search the world to ethically source the finest ingredients and purest extracts, using the
right distillation and extraction methods to maintain their integrity.
We use optimum levels of Essential Oils to ensure powerful and safe results, helping to reset the mind, body & spirit.


At Aromatherapy Associates we are particularly proud of our Frankincense. The origin and provenance of many alternative supplies of frankincense is often unclear, but we can confidently say we are aware of the full supply chain of our material.


The gum is harvested from trees in Somaliland where the trees of Boswellia carterii and Boswellia frereana are most abundant, without the trees, environment or people being exploited. It is then shipped by sea to a facility in Vermont, USA which runs on completely renewable energy and water supplies, where it is then steam-distilled into the finest organic Frankincense essential oil.


The owner and founder of this facility escaped the conflict in Somaliland decades earlier and was able to set up a successful business where profits are directly fed back into the people and infrastructure in Somaliland with irrigation, education, sustainability and fair prices high on the agenda.

  • Ethically Sourced
  • Natural
  • Sustainable

 Where do we use it? 




At Aromatherapy Associates, Frankincense is used extensively in our skincare, due to the revitalising and skin regeneration properties, in our entire Anti-Ageing skincare range, Triple Rose Moisturiser, and also our Rose Reimagined range.


Frankincense is also key to our De-Stress Mind, Inner Strength and Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oils.




“De-Stress Mind is actually my favourite and go-to of the original ten blends, for me it is the one I resonate with most and can use in a variety of situations.
Frankincense is the key oil, but it is ably supported by wild Moroccan Camomile, to help calm and relax the mind, balancing Petitgrain,
inspirational Rosemary, which aids memory and cognitive function, but also Vetivert to take the edge off slightly.


I love working with Frankincense because it is so complex but can add facets to a blend by bringing out otherwise concealed notes
from other accompanying essential oils. It has a fresh, green, yet balsamic and resinous characteristic, which adds class and sophistication to almost any blend.”

- Luke, our Master Blender at Aromatherapy Associates




Which Aromatherapy Associates blends have Frankincense Essential Oil in?




For calm & clarity


A calming & clarifying blend of Frankincense, Petitgrain and Camomile.


Shop De-Stress Mind



For confidence & fortitude


A comforting & emotion-grounding blend of Sandalwood, Clary Sage and Geranium.


Shop Inner Strength



To uplift the spirits


An uplifting blend of Damask Rose, Geranium & Palmarosa, plus 23  essential oils.


Shop Rose



To balance hormones


A balancing blend of Geranium, Rose & Frankincense to help harmonise hormones.


Shop Support Equilibrium


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