Meet The Team

Tracey Woodward - CEO

I loved Aromatherapy Associates' products long before I was the CEO so I am lucky to have a role with the company that I truly love where we have a great working culture within our business. One of my favourite products and has been for the last 10 years, is the Miniature Bath & Shower Collection, they go everywhere with me! I constantly take counsel from our wellbeing experts on the art of living well, as a brand we are totally focused on self care, I believe this is the best health care preventive approach listening and connecting with yourself,
everything in balance food, exercise amongst other things.

USA Sales & Support Team

Elise Ruetz - National Retail Director

My mindful beauty ritual starts and finishes every day with our expertly blended Bath & Shower Oils. My favorites are Revive or Equilibrium in the morning and Deep Relax or De-Stress Mind in the evening. I also travel with all 10 signature blends to manage stress and maintain balance. My favorite collection is the Inner Strength skincare - the products are so gentle and filled with advanced natural ingredients. This incredible range of products hydrates, soothes and perfects my complexion.

Kerri Nau - Account Executive & Trainer

I really love and embrace the concept of "mindful beauty." I've created small, yet important mindful beauty rituals that I honor and hold just as important as brushing my teeth on a daily basis. Some of my daily rituals include taking a bath with essential oils, practicing gratitude & grace and connecting with a friend or family member. A few products I couldn't live without are Rose Infinity Eye Cream, Inner Strength Cleansing Balm, Serum and Moisturizer, Anti-age Overnight Repair Mask and Intensive Skin Treatment Oil and ALL of our Bath & Shower Oils as I never know what type of emotional or physical support I may need.

Aidan Kachemov - Account Executive

I practice mindful beauty in many ways. I believe in eating locally sourced food and working out 5 days a week. I always cleanse and moisturize daily. The biggest beauty secret is a good smile and laughter. As an esthetician with more than 15 years experience, I believe in a full facial regimen. My two favorite skincare secrets are to always exfoliate and use a facial mask. I use the Essential Enzyme Peel and the Rose Infinity Triple Effect Mask twice a week. It keeps my skin plump, radiant and collagen-stimulated.

Jamie Lewis - Account Executive

Mindful beauty means to me is paying attention to your body and soul's needs throughout the various changes in life. My favorite Aromatherapy Associates product is the Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection. With all of the beautiful and beneficial blends at your fingertips, you always have just the perfect "treatment" to enhance your day.

Linda Hapke - Inventory Specialist

I practice mindful beauty by exercising and eating healthy daily, try to smile at everyone I see and meet and sing as often as I can! My mindful beauty ritual consists of paying it forward to help someone out, as I have been helped in the past - whether it's paying for someone's meal, gas or donating to a charity. My favorite collection is Revive. I love the smell of the grapefruit, rosemary and juniper and just love the Revive Body Scrub! The line is a great morning pick-me upper.

Education Team

Kimberlee Geng - Training Manager

I practice mindful beauty by kick starting the day with gratitude. I always use green products that are ehtical, cruelty-free, nontoxic and organic to enhance my health and overall wellbeing. My favorite collection is Revive! It's all scent-sational and I use it daily. My other go-to is the Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil for when I get back home after a long or far travel week. It helps me get grounded and rebalances the hormones.