What is Vetivert Essential Oil?


Vetivert is a type of grass, originally from India, but now also cultivated in other areas, most notably Haiti and Indonesia. It has a dense fibrous mass of roots from where the oil is steam-distilled. The oil is thick and brown like treacle, and the main scent characteristics are earthy, woody, sometimes smokey. The variety that we use at Aromatherapy Associates has a particularly nutty almost edible note to it which we source from Haiti, we’re proud to say that it also has the For Life Social Responsibility certification.


Our vetivert supplier adheres to sustainability, transparency, environmental responsibility, fair working conditions and positive relations with producers and local communities. They also invest significantly in the local infrastructure and amenities, helping with schooling of their local people whilst providing jobs and income. Just one of the many reasons why it’s one of our favourite essential oils to work with!

What are the key benefits of Vetivert?



Historically, Vetivert was used in India to cool and fragrance the home. The roots were woven into screens and wetted to allow the breeze to permeate the scent whilst taking the edge off the intense heat.


Vetivert essential oil is widely used in both masculine and feminine fine fragrances, and acts as a natural fixative, allowing the scent to last longer on the skin.


It is also great for use in skincare where it can help soothe and moisturise, typically it has been used to revitalise the skin.


“In aromatherapy Vetivert is arguably the most powerful essential oil used to aid in relaxation, it really does help. It sedates yet restores and really allows the user to relax, but then reconnect and reset. It can be useful for people who find difficulty falling or staying asleep, and is beneficial for helping with stress, anxiety and depression.” Luke, our Master Blender at Aromatherapy Associates

 Where do we use it? 

 You can find vetivert in our De-Stress Mind, Light Relax and of course Deep Relax essential oil blends.


It is included for its unrivalled relaxing qualities.


It also plays an important role in Inner Strength and Forest Therapy, where it is utilised for its grounding properties.




“Vetivert is fantastic. Not only is it incredibly powerful, it is very complex.
Whilst the main characteristic of the scent of the oil is woody, earthy, if you concentrate hard
you may be able to pick up some lighter, green, almost citrussy notes to it.
When blending with other essential oils, it not only has its grounding, relaxing properties,
it acts as a link between them, and ensures longevity of the fragrance and effects.”

- Luke, our Master Blender at Aromatherapy Associates




Which Aromatherapy Associates blends have Vetivert Essential Oil in?




For tranquil sleep


A lulling & naturally sedating blend of Vetiver, Camomile & Sandalwood.





To unwind


A peaceful blend of Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Petitgrain to help you relax and unwind.





For calm & clarity


A calming & clarifying blend of Frankincense, Petitgrain and Camomile.