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Spring Reset Bath & Shower Oil Duo


Details & Benefits

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Spring into Wellness with the two best Bath & Shower Oils to deliver a blissful bath-time escape this Spring.

Discover our Spring super-hero to conquer pollen season's seasonal sniffles. Clear congested airways and find relief for your senses with our fresh and sharp Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil, blended with clarifying Tea Tree, boosting Pine and Eucalyptus essential oils.


Feeling run down? Enjoy a little extra boost of resilience and positivity with our Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil. Formulated with focusing Frankincense, Cardamom to support you when you feel worn out, while balancing Clary Sage offers clarity. Enjoy the ultimate Spring Reset.


A luxurious treatment to apply after cleansing, each bottle delivers up to three bath or shower experiences to treat your senses and super-nourish your skin. 


This edit does not arrive in a gift bag or box, and contains:

1 x Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil 9ml

1 x Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil 9ml

Emotional BENEFITS

The aroma of our Support Breathe blend invigorates the senses, a superb sidekick for use after long-haul flights or a day spent in an air-conditioned office.
Whilst our Inner Strength blend can help to build emotional resilience in the face of stressful situations and upheaval.


Our Support Breathe blend helps to clear your airways thanks to it's refreshing fragrance and star essential oils. Plus, once rinsed, our Bath & Shower Oils leave a luxurious softness to your skin and aromas that linger throughout your day.

Scent description

The Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil is fresh, woody and sharp.
The Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil is balsamic, sweet and spicy.

Key Ingredients



Clary Sage

Reassuring & Comforting


Clearing & Refreshing




Supporting & Grounding

Tea Tree

Cleansing & Refreshing

How to use
  1. 1

    Warm one capful in cupped hands

  2. 2
    Apply the oil to your torso, shoulders and lower back, before getting into your bath or shower
  3. 3
    Bring your hands to your face and inhale & exhale 3 times

Sensible Cautions

Keep out of reach of children. For adults only. If pregnant or suffering from a medical condition, seek advice before use. To avoid a slippery surface, clean bath after use.

We put people & planet on the same footing as profit

We source the finest ingredients, only working with sustainable growers.

As a certified B-Corp, we also commit to sourcing and using packaging that treads as lightly as possible on the planet. Our packaging is recyclable and crafted without any unecessary plastic.