1. Distillation

An essential oil is the "essence" of a plant. From our Camomile, hand-harvested in Morocco, to our Vetivert, grown in tropical plains of Haiti and Java, all of our essential oils are extracted from the finest ingredients, using the right distillation methods to maintain its integrity and power.

2. Quality testing the distilled pure essential oils

These distilled pure essential oils are sent through a rigorous quality testing procedure, evaluated from the nose of our highly trained master blender, who smells and vets each and every oil.

2. Hand-blending our secret formulas

Our secret formulas are then hand-blended, initially using a few of the most influential and complimentary essential oils together in small micro blends. The ratios of essential oil is imperative- too much, or not enough will upset the balance. Hence knowledge, practice and artistry is at the heart of each of our bottles.

3. Our signature bottles are filled with the final product

Once the backbone of a blend is established, other essential oils can be added to alter the characteristics to a degree, before they are poured into our signature bottles.