Spending hours at a time in our laboratory crafting the perfect synergy of essential oils, our Master Blender Luke Taylor, or the ‘nose’ of Aromatherapy Associates, knows every intricacy of our signature blends by heart. Today, he takes us through each of our bestselling room essences, unveiling the secrets behind their transforming effects on our mind and body.

At the risk of sounding cliched, there really is a magic to essential oils and aromatherapy: where they come from, what they do, how they behave when blended together, how they make you feel and how to build a blend.

At Aromatherapy Associates, I am responsible for ethically sourcing over a hundred pure essential oils, from all corners of the globe. Sometimes we use high-tech methods, but ultimately, we always turn to our most primeval sense: the nose.

Blending from a therapeutic pallet, each oil is selected to work in harmony producing a blend that really works but is also a joy to use.  The synergies between essential oils is fascinating and it takes a lot of knowledge to understand what really is the ‘life-force’ of plants

As your home is now your everything, lean on the power of essential oils in our Essential Oil Blends Collection to help ignite your morning, uplift your senses in the afternoon and wind down peacefully in the evening.