Revive Collection

Yvonne Wake: connected to our Revive Collection

Yvonne is the voice we all need telling us to take better care of ourselves, her advice resonates with those who are at the mercy of 21st century fast living, teaching us to be physically uplifted, inside and out. Yvonne’s teachings are complemented by the Revive collection which helps to awaken and support us for an instant energy boost.

The Revive collection helps refresh, reinvigorate and stimulate your senses. Revive Morning is the blend of choice when you can’t find your morning motivation, containing Juniper Berry and Pink Grapefruit to boost circulation, and for that post-work party Revive Evening is blended to lift the spirits, containing Ylang Ylang. Revive restores confidence leaving you refreshed and balanced ready to achieve our goals during the day or give you the energy boost to party the night away. Layer lock with the Revive Body Gel, followed by Revive Body Oil after your morning shower for ultimate skin hydration and maximised productivity throughout the day. Use the Revive Roller Ball for an instant energy boost on the go and the Revive Room Fragrance to create a revived atmosphere wherever you are.

With a recipe for both life and health, Yvonne as a nutritionist and a wellbeing and lifestyle coach with over thirty years of experience can advise on both nutritional and healthy lifestyle tips, and how energising products, such as our Revive collection can help us achieve our goals.

The invigorating essential oil blends in Revive can help arm us against the build-up of toxins in our skin, the uplifting aromas in Revive ignites our senses and as our sense of smell is linked to one of the deepest parts of our brain triggering emotions or memories, it feeds positivity and energy into our minds complimenting Yvonne’s teachings to feed your body.

The Revive Collection can help you with your busy life by giving you that much needed boost to achieve your daily goals.

Mindful kindfulness tips to yourself from Yvonne:
  • Eat Mindfully, not Mindlessly.
  • Plan ahead – make a shopping list.
  • Only eat when you are hungry.
  • Slow down – enjoy each mouthful!
  • Don’t deprive yourself, but control your portions.