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Revive Room Fragrance

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Create a mood-influencing environment with the uplifting and re-energising essential oil blend in our Revive Room Fragrance. Uplifting grapefruit hand-blended with purifying Bergamot and the woody release of Frankincense to make any personal space an inspiring and refreshing one.
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How to use
Just 2-3 drops of these deeply reviving oils dropped over Aromatherapy Associates Home Fragrancer will fill the air with aromatherapy benefits and beautiful essences. Clean the fragrancer between each use by wiping over with a tissue.
Complete your Wellbeing Ritual
Revive Morning Roller Ball
Customer Reviews (2)
53% of 100
Roll on our "energy boost" in a bottle, feel refreshed wherever, whenever needed.
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Revive Body Oil
Feel refreshed throughout the day with this invigorating Body Oil to add to your Revive collection.
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Home Fragrancer (Electric)
Customer Reviews (3)
68% of 100
Plug in and experience your chosen aromatherapy oil throughout your space.
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