Meet The Experts

Each of our experts will be representing one of our award winning ranges to explain how our products can improve your wellbeing every day.

Relax - Julie Whitehead
Julie is passionate about helping people live the best life they can, her teachings are based on the health benefits of Yoga and Laughter. Laughter is known to boost our immune system and relax our whole body. Julie is the spokesperson for our Relax Collection, as relaxation is a key element to achieving total clarity and getting the most out of our mind and bodies.

De Stress - Nicola Addison
Nicola represents our De-Stress Collection and understands the power of cool down for both mind and body. Nicola has a wealth of experience working in high pressure environments and she is our spokesperson that will help to drive the collaboration between exercise and wellness to enhance our lives.

Revive - Yvonne Wake
Yvonne is our spokesperson for our Revive Collection. As a health nutritionist and wellbeing and lifestyle coach, she is the voice we need to tell us to take better care of ourselves. Yvonne teaches us to be physically uplifted from the inside out. She is aligned with the Revive Collection which, like our mindful food choices, helps to awaken and give an instant energy boost.

Support - Janet Tarasofsky
Janet is an award-winning public speaker and communication strategist and her teachings focus on key elements such as how speaking can enhance your confidence. Janet’s techniques help to encourage people to communicate effectively. Janet is our spokesperson for our Support Collection which helps to comfort the body and clear our minds during challenging times.

Inner Strength – Jonathan Ward & Karuna
Karuna’s methodology teaches realisation of Human Potential and the ability to actively intend, and create our own experiences, drawn from our Inner Strength to seek out and implement those changes.
Jonathan will be sitting alongside Karuna, as a heart-centred somatic coach, together they make the perfect Inner Strength team. Jonathan guides his students into learning to lead with their heart in order to make more fulfilling life choices. Karuna and Jonathan, supported by Inner Strength will help to motivate and create transformation.