Support Breathe Dish Soap


Support Breathe Dish Soap

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Breathe new life into dishwashing.

When life throws cooking messes your way, take a deep breath and transform the cleanup into a wellbeing ritual.

We've powered The Laundress' 'do-it-all' dishwashing formula with our Support Breathe blend. Crafted with purifying essential oils of Peppermint, Eucalyptus & Tea Tree and combined with The Laundress' top-performing dish detergent to clean dishes and clear the senses.

  • 16 fl oz
  • Highly concentrated
  • Up to 192 washes
  • 100% pure essential blend
  • Cruelty free



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    The Ritual

    FOR HANDWASHING DISHES: Fill a basin with hot water. Add a squirt of Support Breathe Dish Soap directly into basin to create a sudsy bath, or onto The Laundress Linen Knit Dish Cloth or Dish Brush. Wash dishes, then rinse. Separation is common with natural ingredients. Shake well before use.

    ADDITIONAL CARE: To remove tough stains and baked-on food from cookware, add a squirt of Support Breathe Dish Soap and 1 capful of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to a basin of hot water; soak for 1 hour or overnight, then wash by hand. To remove spots from glassware, do a rinse with Scented Vinegar.

    Benefits you will experience:

    • Refreshed
    • Inspired


    Active ingredients



    Austrian Pine Essential Oil is a renowned natural antiseptic for the respiratory system. Pine can also help to energise and clear the mind.

    Tea Tree

    Tea Tree

    Australian Tea Tree is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal Essential Oil. It helps to prevent infection and can also control dandruff.



    Eucalyptus is an antiviral and decongesting Essential Oil. This powerful oil can aid with breathing whilst cleansing and assisting with lymph circulation. This Essential Oil cools and refreshes the skin.

    INGREDIENTS: Plant-derived nonionic surfactants, mineral derived cleaning enhancer (sodium gluconate), plant-derived grease cutting agent (triethyl citrate), food and grease-removing enzymes (amylase, protease), and essential oils.

    Plant-derived with no artificial color. 

    Color and texture may vary with natural ingredients.

    No animal by-products. Not tested on animals.

    CAUTION: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If ingested, seek medical advice.

    The Laundress product is crafted in the USA with Aromatherapy Associates’ hand-blended oil from the UK.

    Contains active ingredients including cleaning enzymes to remove tough stains and spotting. Ideal for everyday dishwashing and kitchen essentials that are not dishwasher safe, including copper materials, silver, knives, and wooden cutting boards and utensils. Appropriate for dishware, cookware, glassware, fine china, and crystal.

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