What is Damask Rose?


The Damask Rose is frequently referred to as the queen among flowers, and we at Aromatherapy Associates couldn’t agree more. Naming our Damask Rose essential oil as the ‘Queen of Oils’ and continue to follow our founder’s great admiration of it.


In various cultures rose essential oil is regarded as the supreme oil related to all matters of the heart and love, and it looks and smells beautiful in equal measures with its unique and sweet fragrance.


At Aromatherapy Associates we use ForLife Certified rose from Turkey which confirms that our supplier is committed to acting as responsible employers and promoters of sustainable practices. The whole roses are hand-picked in the morning, before they fully open to ensure the minimal amount of precious rose essence is lost to the atmosphere.



What are the key benefits?


Rose oil is an essential oil that has been a staple in many skin & body-care routines for centuries.


The Damask Rose essential oil supports emotional stability, helping to address anxiety and depression. It is often used in meditation and prayer as it is known to help provide strength and balance to your body.


The molecules extracted from the rose petals are also beneficial in skincare, particularly for ageing or mature skin, but also in moisturizing dry skin.


Rose oil is one of the most commanding essential oils with its ability to affect the mind, body and skin in a hugely positive way.

 Where do we use it?


We combine our Damask Rose with pure essential oils of Geranium & Palmarosa, which work together to create a powerful blend that uplifts your spirits and enriches your skin.


Damask Rose essential oil takes prominence in our Rose Reimagined and Skincare collections to give you the ultimate moment of luxurious self-care.




Rose was the unanimous favourite of the founders of Aromatherapy Associates;
the ‘Queen of Oils’ helps in so many ways whilst adding the most beautiful and comforting
floral aspect to some of our greatest products.




Which Aromatherapy Associates blends have Damask Rose Essential Oil in?




To uplift the spirits


An uplifting blend of Damask Rose, Geranium & Palmarosa, plus 23  essential oils.







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    Summer Home Fragrance Box
    Special Price £136.00 Regular Price £195.00
  2. Forest Therapy Candle
    Forest Therapy Candle
  3. Laundress Support Breathe Cleaning Kit
    Laundress Support Breathe Cleaning Kit
    Special Price £40.00 Regular Price £50.00
  4. Launderess Detergent Duo
    Launderess Detergent Duo
    Special Price £56.00 Regular Price £70.00
  5. The Forest & Floral Home Fragrance Kit
    The Forest & Floral Home Fragrance Kit
    Special Price £120.00 Regular Price £170.00