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When an over-active mind or stressful day is interfering with a good nights sleep take steps to restore relaxation. Our curated collection infused with calming oils, helps relax and unwind the mind, balance the senses and soothe away tension. The portable kit is also the perfect antidote for a disrupted body clock when away travelling. Edit includes: 1 x Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil 9ml 1 x Relax Body Wash 40ml 1 x Deep Relax Roller Ball 10ml 1x De-Stress Muscle Gel 40ml 1x Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil 3ml
How to use
Massage our Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil all over before stepping into a warm bath to cleanse. For a calming deep cleanse work Relax Body Wash all over before stepping under a shower. Enhance the aromatherapy benefits by cupping your hands to your face and inhaling deeply three times. Pat skin dry and to deeply ease tense muscles, massage De-Stress Muscle Gel as needed focusing on knotty areas. Smooth a little Hydrating Nourishing Face OIl over your face and neck before applying our Deep Relax Roller Ball to pulse points to enhance the deep relaxation, wherever, whenever needed.
Complete your Wellbeing Ritual
Relax Body Oil
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100% of 100
Massage your way to natural relaxation like no other with this elite, restorative blend.
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Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil
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97% of 100
Enhance your beauty sleep with our iconic, award-winning blend of elite oils. Relaxation in a bottle.
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Relax Body Wash
Lather your way to utter relaxation with this fine blend of aromatic Lavender, Petitgrain and Vetiver.
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Customer Reviews (1)
93% of 100
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  1. Helps with my allergies!
    very good

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