Inner Strength Collection

Karuna: connected to our Inner Strength Collection

Inner Strength is an incredibly important part of the Aromatherapy Associates history, created by Geraldine Howard during an immensely challenging time, she created this blend to help her find Inner Strength whilst battling with cancer. Helping Geraldine through a traumatic time, she wanted to share this blend with others to help people struggling with their own personal traumas.

Geraldine loved to help people, and as part of her legacy we introduce Karuna, who alongside Jonathan Ward is part of our Wellbeing Expert panel assigned to our Inner Strength collection.

Inner Strength was blended to help find courage, strength, a positive frame of mind and enables the user to face the fear with Uplifting Clary Sage, emotionally strengthening and comforting Sandalwood and Rose. With wellbeing at the forefront of this collection each essential oil included in this blend encourages positivity, calms and balances and is the ideal tool for those experiencing a personal trauma and looking for a release.

Karuna is a Mindfulness Coach for 21st Century living, her teachings are stemmed from her introspective and light-hearted nature. This links with Inner Strength because we can discover our own true potential by having a deeper connection to our inner selves. It’s Karuna’s compassion that makes her a leader in the Wellness industry. The ability to connect and understand other people allows her to guide you into embracing yourself and your spirituality .

Mindful kindfulness tips to yourself from Karuna:
  • Find quiet time to breathe: Feeling the breath, can help you in difficult times.
  • Laugh: Boost your immune system with humour, it can fight off colds and sickness.
  • Be Grateful: Gratitude uplifts our inner strength; you’ll discover depleting energies can't seep in.
  • Sing out loud: Singing makes us happy and helps regulate the heart rate.
  • Meditate: Mediation will help you preserve a healthy mind and body.

  • Jonathan Ward: connected to our Inner Strength Collection

    Jonathan Ward, a somatic Coach who can help people find Inner Strength. Jonathan was fortunate to have known Geraldine and worked with her on mindfulness workshops around the launch of the Liberty exclusive Limited Edition Clear Mind Bath & Shower Oil.

    Jonathan, as a heart-centred somatic coach, will be sitting alongside Karuna as the spokesteam for Inner Strength, together they make the perfect Inner Strength team. Jonathan guides his students into learning to lead with their heart in order to make more fulfilling life choices. He takes what is connected inside the heart and turns it outside in a way that empowers you and makes you vulnerable. He uses this energy to help you make more rewarding life choices. Combined with the transformational benefits of the Inner Strength blend, Jonathan’s aim is to motivate and create transformation.

    Mindful kindfulness tips to yourself from Jonathan:
  • Appreciate the small things in your life, a favourite jumper, a comfortable chair, a beautiful picture.
  • Give yourself permission to have fun. Writing your permission on a piece of paper and take it with you to make it even more powerful.
  • When you connect with others, be in your Heart.
  • Be realistic, clear and have boundaries with your time - the most important person to take care of is you!
  • Always be as kind to yourself as you are to others and if that means buying yourself a bit of luxury, then do it!