We are delighted to announce that we have achieved ethical B Corp certification; a certification that aligns with the core of our brand since 1985, to care for people and the planet, and to use our business as a force for good.

As we join this global movement of businesses balancing purpose and profit, our CEO, Anna Teal, reflects on what this incredible achievement
means not only for us, but for you — our wellbeing community.

"For Aromatherapy Associates, it's not just about being best in the world, but best for the world"

Anna Teal, CEO

Our Brand Values

Aromatherapy Forest Therapy Blend being poured in to a relaxing bath

Becoming a B Corporation was an obvious move for Aromatherapy Associates, because we have always been ahead of our time. Our founder, Geraldine Howard, started the business blending oils on her kitchen table in Fulham in 1985. She was an early pioneer in wellbeing, exploring the benefits of essential oils to help those stuck in an ‘always-on’, hyper busy culture. Back in the Eighties, her clientele included the American actress Ava Gardner and other show business figures who relied on her aromatherapy pick-me-ups to help them get through their packed schedules.  

Aromatherapy Associates was founded to make the world a better place by bringing the properties of essential oils to the wider public. Today, our products are found in many of the top spa hotels around the globe and in 50 countries. Our customers swear by our oil blends, including those for Inner Strength and Support Breathe.

Why Have We Become a B Corp?

A new generation of consumers supports brands that walk the walk, not just talk the talk. They want brands to authentically enact the values they preach – in their products and practices and in how they define profit. As leaders we have to consider what positive impact our decisions makes, not just on profit, but also on our people and the planet. This is why Aromatherapy Associates has just been certified as a B Corporation, or B Corp,  – a company that believes in a triple bottom line in which profit, people and the planet are considered in the decision-making process with equal importance.

Our Journey to Becoming a B Corp

I’ve been asked whether this is just window dressing – it most certainly is not. Being a B Corporation has meant taking a hard look at our own diversity, reaching out to our customers across the globe to work out how we can be more reactive and effective in individual markets, particularly when it comes to communication. We have instituted staff happiness surveys and a company wide training and development programme. We support Defence Against Cancer Foundation based in the Netherlands as they undertake valuable research into immunotherapy, a cancer treatment which uses the body’s own immune system to fight the disease, an area that our founder was passionate about.  

The purpose embedded in the business by our founder inspired us to take the step to become a B Corporation certified business. B Corp certification is fast becoming the ‘kite mark’ for sustainable business and it is by no means a walk in the park! In fact, it is a hard club to join. Businesses need to meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose to get certification. We are really proud to say we are now a B Corp. 

Our Pledges for the Future

In order to spread the word, we are also encouraging our suppliers to become B Corporations themselves so we can guarantee the highest standards of ethics throughout our supply chain.

As a member of the British Beauty Council I know that my industry has a long way to go; too many beauty products are still not recyclable or sustainable. All of our Aromatherapy Associates products now come in recyclable packaging and I am pushing for this along with clearer frameworks for making sustainability claims across the wider sector.  

Using Our Brand as a Force for Good

The Covid pandemic has shown us we are all interconnected – we cannot ignore the impacts our businesses have on the wider world. B Corporations are trying to use business as a force for good – if ever that force needed harnessing it is now.  

Discover more about our B Corp credentials and plans for the future, to ensure we become the most sustainable business we can be.