How to Use the Atomiser Connect

How to Use the Atomiser Connect
How to Use the Atomiser Connect
How to Use the Atomiser Connect

Home fragrancing just got smarter​

View our step-by-step guide below on how to operate our new app-controlled, electric diffuser the Atomiser Connect with our pre-blended essential oils.

As well as how to use the Atomiser Connect's accompanying new app, for presetting convenient diffusion scheduling and other smart home innovations to experience the maximum benefits of aromatherapy.

How to use the Atomiser Connect

Play the video guide below

How to use the Atomiser Connect App

Turn on/off and battery life

1. On/Off icon at the top left corner will switch your Atomiser Connect on or off.

2. The battery icon in the top left-hand corner refers to the charge of the Atomiser Connect, not your phone.

Control Intensity and Duration

1. Choose Controls on Homepage

2. On the Control Panel label the blend you added in Pod 1.

3. Select your intensity.

4. Select your time preference.

Change Colour of Light

1. Choose Control on Homepage.

2. Under "Light" Press 0%

3. Select your preferred colour from the colour wheel

4. Slide the intensity bar to suit you.

5. Click the tick button on the top right-hand side of the screen to confirm

Create a Preset Mode

1. Choose Preset Modes on Homepage.

2. Click "Add Preset Mode" on top right-hand corner.

3. Select your desired Preset Mode settings.

Create Schedules

1. Choose Schedules on Homepage.

2. Click "Add Schedule" in top right corner.

3. Select your schedule settings.

4. Click save in the top right corner.

Guided breathing

1. Choose Guided Breathing on Homepage.

2. Customise Light Intensity and Colour

3. Select "Customised"

4. Customise your inhale, hold and exhale.

5. Customise your cycles to the number of repetitions you would like to do.

6. Press Start.

Instruction manual

Lost the user manual provided with your order of the Atomiser Connect?

View below.

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