Transform your surroundings and fill your senses in pure wellbeing

As we strive to live our best life in this fast-paced world, we can sometimes forget to look after our wellbeing.

One way to nurture our spirit and body is through aromatherapy and pure essential oils. Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful senses, and inhaling essential oil blends can stimulate our emotions and improve our mental and physical wellbeing.​

At Aromatherapy Associates, knowledge, practice and artistry is at the heart of each bottle. In combining the most complimentary essential oils to provide a blend that smells incredible and is effective for your wellbeing, the ratios of each essential oil is therefore imperative. Too much, or not enough will upset the balance.

All hand-blended in our London laboratory using the finest, most potent, ethically sourced ingredients, our formulas are ultimately crafted with your physical and emotional wellbeing needs in mind.

Discover our Pure Essential Oils

Deep Relax

Benefit: Helps create a relaxing night-time routine before a peaceful night’s sleep.

Scent: Herbal, woody and earthy

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De-Stress Mind

Benefit: Helps to find calm and focus during a challenging day.

Scent: Resinous, sweet and herbal

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Revive Morning

Benefit: Energises and awakens the senses, this is one early morning wake-up call you'll actually appreciate.

Scent: Citrusy, resinous and woody

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Benefit: Uplifts the spirit and promotes optimism for a rose tinted day.

Scent: Floral and sweet

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Forest Therapy

Benefit: Helps to ground and restore the mind, recreating the calm and tranquillity of being in nature.

Scent: Refreshing, earthy and citrussy.

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Support Breathe

Benefit: Help you to focus on your breathing and clear congested airways.

Scent: Fresh, woody and sharp.

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There's more than one way to use Essential Oils

Suffering from seasonal congestion?

Soothe and open up congested airways by adding a few droplets of the Support Breathe Pure Essential Oil into a bowl filled with heated water, and take mindful breaths of the steam.

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Scent your wardrobe

Add droplets of essential oils to your fragrance bags that you have in your drawers to re-fragrance them.

Or make your own with cotton balls, add 6 – 8 drops of essential oil and then place in a small organza bag.

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Find calm on your commutes

Drown a tissue in your favourite essential oil blend and leave in the car as a natural car fragrance.

The De-Stress blend can calm a racing mind during busy, high traffic commutes.

Or the Revive blend can wake up your senses during early morning or late night drives.

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Keep your kitchen smelling clean

Place 6-8 drops of essential oils onto kitchen paper towels and place into the bottom of your bin when you change the bag, to mask the scents we don't want to linger.

Particularly effective during the Summer season.

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