Ground-breaking essential oil diffusion for long-lasting, mood-enhancing moments for mind, body and spirit​

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4 reasons why you need an Atomiser Connect

Dual chamber diffusion pods

Capable of holding two essential oil bottles to effortlessly switch from one fragrance to another.

Or, to diffuse two bottles of the same essential oil blend at the same time.


App controlled​

All the diffuser's settings and features can be pre-set or controlled remotely on the app.

Download and explore the app for iPhones here and Androids here.



Pre-set the day of the week and time of day for your diffuser to automatically switch on and off.

As well as pre-set the length of time and level of intensity you want for diffusion.


Mindful breathing & light colour therapy​

Enjoy guided breathing exercises whilst inhaling your favourite pure essential oil, to help relieve stress & anxiety. 

And choose the light colour for your Atomiser Connect to match your mood.

How to use The Atomiser Connect
  1. 1

    Remove the metal cover, take out the diffusion head and attach it directly onto your chosen essential oil bottle

  2. 2
    Insert the diffusion head and bottle into your chosen pod, ensuring the diffusion head air inlet is lined up with the symbol and grooves. Replace the metal cover.
  3. 3
    The controls on the Atomiser Connect allow for run times of 30 mins, 1 hour and 3 hours. Each diffusion pod can be controlled separately and has Standard or Boost mode.
  4. 4
    The Atomiser Connect can also be controlled through a separately controlled app. Turn on the Atomiser Connect and connect to the app via bluetooth, once the device and app are linked, the light on the Atomiser Connect will flash twice to signal a connection.


Download the app onto your iPhone here or onto your Android here.

Or search "The Atomiser Connect" on your phone's app store.

Alternatively, scan the QR code on the box or manual here.


For further information please refer to our FAQ's page here

or the instruction manual here.

Meet the Atomiser family

We launched our original Atomiser back in 2021 and it quickly grew into a must-have for so many homes around the world.

Over time, we noticed there was a need to expand our Atomiser family to bring you different sized electric diffusers, driven by the growing demand for smart home devices to offer you more convenience and personalisation for home scenting and wellbeing.

Like the Atomiser, the Atomiser Connect is a heatless, waterless and portable essential oil diffuser.

We have built on this revolutionary technology to offer you the latest addition to the home fragrance collection.

Here’s everything you need to know about our two Atomisers...

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