5 Ways To Re-Charge During A Period Of Stress

April marks Stress Awareness Month so we’re here to offer you that much-needed moment of clarity…
5 Ways To Re-Charge During A Period Of Stress
5 Ways To Re-Charge During A Period Of Stress
5 Ways To Re-Charge During A Period Of Stress

Feeling burnt-out? You’re not alone. We all go through periods of stress in our lives. Whether it’s a hectic time at work or a lot going on at home, we all have daily stressors that can build up in our lives. How we carry stress can look different for each of us. It could manifest in intense anxiety, feeling on edge, agitated or even depressed – and if we don’t try to limit or manage our stressors, these can build up and if we’re not careful, bubble over. 


So whether you’re currently going through a period of intensity or you’re simply wanting to be more mindful, this Stress Awareness Month we want to help you take control of your stressors – so that you’re able to live a more balanced, harmonious life.


 Press Pause

When was the last time you actually took a moment to pause? To sit back, reflect and slow down your day. Of course, when you’re running on stress it can feel impossible to slow down and take even two minutes just for you. But those two minutes are key to helping you reset, relax and take stock. It can help you feel centred and re-focus your energy. 


Take two minutes of your day to stop and focus on your breathing. When we’re stressed, we often forget to breathe properly – taking quick, shallow breaths that signal back to our brain that we are indeed stressed. Find a place to sit (if you can get outside, even better) and take just two minutes to focus on your breathing. 


Pair with: Our De-Stress Mind Roller Ball. This rich fragrance oil contains calming Camomile, clarifying Petitgrain and focusing Frankincense to help you clear your mind and quieten busy thoughts. Apply onto the wrists, behind your ears and across your chest and harness the power of aromatherapy on-the-go. Inhale slowly and deeply, focussing on the space around you. 


 Scent Your Space

Aromatherapy really can work wonders for calming anxious minds. After all, we all know that scent is a powerful thing – it can evoke childhood memories, stir up emotions we didn’t know we had and transport us to a safe, happy place. So why not take the time to scent your surroundings to help aid a more relaxing, calm day ahead?


Our Aromatherapy Associates The Atomiser allows you to softly and subtly scent your space with an aromatherapy blend that suits your needs. Simply remover the dropper, attach the diffusion head and insert into the Atomiser. It’s not only wireless, but water-less too – meaning it’s perfect for travelling with you wherever you go. Keep on your kitchen table, your office desk or take it with you if you’re spending the night somewhere new.  


Pair with: De-Stress Pure Essential Oil Blend. This ultra-soothing oil helps to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety thanks to its rich blend of calming essential oils. Allow the scent to fill your space and watch as your breathing turns slower and deeper, your mind quietens and life calms down. 





  Release Tension

If you like a hands-on approach, a soothing self-massage might be the moment of mindfulness you need. When we’re stressed, our body tenses – with our muscles often bearing the emotional burden. This can result in aches, pains and general muscle fatigue that not only feels uncomfortable but only adds to our stress.


First up, take a moment to shake it out. When we’ve been holding onto stress in our body, we need to release it and let go of all the pent-up anxiety that’s stuck in our body. Take a few deep breaths and quite literally shake your limbs like no one is watching! You might feel silly, but trust us, you’ll feel better for it. 


Next up, take the time to treat your body to a soothing massage. If you can rope someone else in to help give you a massage then great! But if not, a self-massage does the job and it gives you a moment to really appreciate and focus on your body. Whether you’ve been on your feet all day, had a tiring session at the gym or are simply holding onto tension – take the time to rub and massage your legs, feet, hands and shoulders and relieve tense limbs. 


Pair with: De-Stress Muscle Gel

Specially formulated for people who have been on their feet all day (or hunched over a laptop) this soothing formula is brimming with essential oils and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe tired muscles and aching joints. Lavender helps to relax while warming Ginger and Rosemary help to stimulate circulation and help restore a sense of balance. 


 Supercharge Your Shower

When you’re dealing with a stressful period in your life, it can feel as though you have no time to slow down and take stock. But, no matter what’s going on, we all need to shower, so this is a perfect opportunity to get in a moment of mindfulness and ease stressed thoughts. 


Taking just five minutes in your shower to breathe in a relaxing, de-stress blend really can help you feel more empowered to take on the day ahead. Pop on a calming playlist and really focus on taking slow, soothing breaths as you cleanse your body and mind. 


Pair with: De-Stress Mind Shower Oil

When emotions spiral, think of this as your grounding anchor. Massage the formula into your skin before stepping foot in the shower. Bring your hands to your face and deeply inhale and exhale three times. Then, allow the steam of your shower fill with the soothing blend of Camomile, Frankincense and Petitgrain while the oil transforms into a silky milk, washing away your worries. Skin is left soft and the mind is left soothed. A real reset. 




 Switch Off

Take time at the end of your day to really switch off from the madness. Switch off all screens 1-2 hours before bed and instead try to take some time for you. Whether you do a slow, soothing yoga flow, relax in the bath, take time for your evening skincare routine or get lost in a couple of chapters of your favourite book, now’s the time to slow down and really recharge. 


Whatever you choose to do, lighting a calming candle can help set the ambience and transform your space into a cocoon of safety – your own calming sanctuary. 


Pair with: De-Stress Candle

Richly aromatic, this gorgeous ceramic candle contains two bottles of pure essential oils inside – allowing the soothing scent of our De-Stress blend to fill your space and declutter your mind. Ensure an even burn by trimming the wick to 0.5cm in-between uses and this little beauty will quickly become your comforting best friend for helping you unwind after a challenging day. 

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