Aromatherapy to Create Memories

Create your most positive summer days with the power of scent.
Aromatherapy to Create Memories
Aromatherapy to Create Memories
Aromatherapy to Create Memories

A scent can bring back childhood memories or make us think of summer sunshine, but aroma can actually help with our wellbeing, creating a direct connection with your brainFor example, if you use our Deep Relax at night, over time the brain will associate that aroma with sleep.  Here, we explore how you can use the power of essential oils to change your mindset and mood across the day.

Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses we have.

Many of us have certain scents that bring us back to a moment in time, evoking happy memories and feelings of nostalgia.

With summer holidays perhaps not going ahead quite as planned this year, harness the power of our aromatic essential oils blends to instantly lift your spirits, evoke positive emotions and create fond, lasting memories to look back on.


Carve a Morning Ritual

Morning rituals bring contentment, clarity and purpose to your day. This act of self-care, combined with the power of scent and aromatherapy, is a transforming way to enhance your wellbeing and uplift your mind, body & spirit.

When we inhale an essential oil blend, odour molecules travel through the nose and affect the brain through a variety of receptor sites, including the limbic system – also known as the “emotional brain”: affecting our moods, emotions and even our memories.

Whether it’s waking up, dropping a chosen Room Fragrance onto your home diffuser while you make your cup of coffee, or enjoying a full, luxurious layer-locking body care routine and inhaling the scents before you get dressed for the day, carving your morning routine with our essential oil blends will create a powerful connection with your sensory triggers.

If you are homebound this summer due to disrupted travel plans, make the most of the season and begin your summer days with the best, most positive intentions – using the scents of our essential oils in your morning routine to prompt positive emotional and physical responses.




Use Essential Oils Throughout Your Day

Whether on your daily walks in the sunshine, during your staycation or spending quality time with loved ones outdoors, bring the power of aromatherapy with you to capture those special moments in time. Our portable Roller Balls are the perfect way to help the brain encode a scent-based memory, linked to a specific time and place from the past. The next time you are enjoying a summer activity, apply your favourite Roller Ball onto pulse points, bringing your wrists to your face and deeply inhaling the aromas.

When autumn arrives and we begin to hibernate for winter, using the same Roller Ball indoors will transport us back to fond summer memories spent under the sun.



Create an Aromatic Oasis Indoors

There is nothing quite like the citrus, musk, and floral notes of summer. As nature comes to life in the summertime, bring the familiar, comforting scent of the outdoors to your indoor space with our Forest Therapy Pure Essential Oil Blend and Forest Therapy Wellness Mist.


Blended with Pink Pepper, Cypress, Ho Wood and Juniper Berry, and balanced with a woody heart of Petitgrain, sweet, floral notes from the Davana plant and sparkling Sicilian lemon, our Forest Therapy blend is the scent of summer.

Though we might not be able to escape to the summer destinations we had in mind, transform your own home into your very own summer oasis with our evocative pure essential oil blends — transporting you closer to nature with every breath.

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