How to Stay Cool on Summer Nights

Keep cool at night for your best sleep throughout the summer season
How to Stay Cool on Summer Nights
How to Stay Cool on Summer Nights
How to Stay Cool on Summer Nights

Have summer temperatures made you too hot to sleep? 

To turn your restless nights into your most restorative sleep, we have collaborated with our friends at Aeyla to share expert sensory techniques to calm your mind and body, plus the best evening wellbeing rituals for staying cool on balmy summer nights. 

Your Summer of Sleep

As sleep is the pillar of our wellbeing, we must prioritise it more than ever during the months where sleeping may pose as a difficulty. 

Not only is sleep important for our daily functioning, but it also has many systemic health benefits. Sleep helps control our metabolism, promotes stable moods and emotions, boosts our immune system, increases knowledge retention, and helps us with long and short-term memory.

Follow these tips for your best night’s sleep during summer’s warm months… 

Regulate Your Body Temperature 

Research shows that engaging in activities that increase skin temperature can help lower your core body temperature before bed: warming your skin accelerates internal heat loss and allows for the swift release of body heat, promoting a relaxed mind and body.  

So, a few hours before you normally go to bed, take a hot bath or shower. Use our Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil infused with our lulling essential oil blend of earthy Vetivert, soothing Camomile and comforting Sandalwood, to complement your soak and calm your body even further. 

Top Tip: Experience the most benefits out of our Bath & Shower Oil through absorption, by applying it directly to your torso. When applied to your skin prior to bathing, our essential oil blend is absorbed via the hair follicle and can have lasting effects on the mind and body for up to 8 hours. 

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Create an Evening Scentscape 

Since our senses have a direct connection to our mind and body, we can manage our wellbeing throughout the day with the power of aromatherapy.⠀⠀

Our essential oil blends surround the senses and allow everyone to create their own personalised sanctuary - whether it’s choosing different aromatherapy blends for different parts of your home, introducing specific scents at certain times of the day or night, or even selecting scents based on what we’re doing or who we’re with: we call this creating your very own Sensory Scentscape.

To help you sleep on a hot summer’s night, set the scene for bedtime with our peaceful and soothing Deep Relax Pure Essential Oil Blend


I turn on The Atomiser 30 minutes before bed. By only using the Deep Relax Pure Essential Oil Blend in my bedroom, this signals my brain to know that this is the sanctuary in which I sleep - helping my mind and body to unwind from the day as soon as I step into the room, enveloped with the aromas of naturally sedating Vetivert, soothing Camomile & comforting Sandalwood.

Amy Bonfield, Education Manager

Fun-Fact: Vetivert was historically used in India to cool and fragrance the home. Roots were weaved into window screens so that the outdoor breeze would help the scent travel throughout each room. 

Invest in Your Bedding 

When creating a sleep-inducing environment during the summer, comfort – whether that’s your mattress or bedding – plays a large part in getting a good night’s sleep, and Mela Comfort are the experts.

Expanding on their hero weighted blanket to even more sleep-enhancing bedding, Mela hold the key to beating the night time sweats with their new Cooling Eucalyptus Silk range. 

Made from 100% cooling and soft Eucalyptus Silk, this material naturally wicks away sweat, absorbing around 70% more moisture than cotton or hemp and helping you regulate body temperature and keep cool throughout the night.

Eucalyptus naturally repels dust mites and mould, so these hypoallergenic sheets also keep congestion at bay for a more restful night.

Top Tip: To further enhance your bedtime experience, mist our Deep Relax Sleep Mist over Mela’s bedding, filling the air with our specially formulated blend to help you drift off naturally and sleep undisturbed till the morning. 

Sleep Naked 

According to a recent study by Mela, only 22.7% of the nation sleep naked - however, sleeping in the nude comes with a host of benefits for your mind and body, including better sleep quality and improvement to your mental and physical health.

So your body is kept at a cool temperature, especially during summer months, Mela encourages sleeping as nature intended - shedding layers of clothing will instantly lower body temperature, acting as a biological cue for sleep and making it easier for your body to regulate temperature all through the night. 

Overheating can also cause sweating, which can lead to blocked pores and heat rash. Too many layers can aggravate skin, so with zero clothes you can help eliminate heat and friction and help your skin breathe.

Convinced? Time to join in on Mela’s #ISleptNaked Challenge.

The deeply relaxing powers of our essential oil blends, combined with Mela’s intensely comforting bedding, are what dreams are made of. 

Try our tips and enjoy your soundest sleep this summer. 

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