Reset Your Sleep Cycle for Spring

Discover our most sleep-inducing tips to help you reset your internal body clock, as the clocks go forward for a new season
Reset Your Sleep Cycle for Spring
Reset Your Sleep Cycle for Spring
Reset Your Sleep Cycle for Spring

As the clocks go forward this Sunday and we “spring ahead” to a new season, we look forward to brighter mornings, lighter evenings and longer days.

But even something as subtle as an hour change in our routine can affect our productivity, concentration and impact our wellbeing.

So you can recalibrate, rebalance and reset for Spring, discover our expert tips to put your sleep-wake cycle back into sync, for your most restful evenings.



Adjust Your Bedtime

As we move into daylight saving time, gently ease your body into the change.

 Start your evening routine 15 to 30 minutes earlier, giving yourself that extra bit of time to signal your body to unwind and allowing for a smooth biological transition of your internal body clock to the new time.

Your sleep-wake cycle will naturally resync, and your body will begin to produce sleep-inducing melatonin an hour or two before your bedtime.


Be Consistent

Regular sleeping hours programme the brain to a routine, which ensures a rested mind and body.

Going to bed and waking up at the same time every day is a great way to improve sleep-wake functioning and keep your sleep cycle regular. 

On the first Sunday of daylight saving time, set your alarm and get up at your usual rise-time, whether you had a good night’s sleep or not. By avoiding any slips in your routine, you give your body more of a chance to naturally reset itself.


Get the Right Light Exposure

Light exposure has a direct impact on our sleep-wake cycles.

Exposing yourself to natural light each morning will help you reset your circadian rhythm. If you are able, head outdoors for a brisk walk in the morning to soak up some natural rays.

At night, do the opposite: dim your lights and draw your curtains to help signal to your mind and body that bedtime is approaching.

Reduce your exposure to blue light and put away/turn off any digital devices at least 30 minutes before bed.



Ensure Your Bedroom Is Your Sanctuary

One of the most helpful things we can do to reset our sleep cycle is to ensure we keep our bedrooms for the purpose of resting our bodies, transforming it into a calming and sleep-inducing space.

Envelop your room with the soothing scents of our Relax Room Fragrance in your home diffuser, inhaling slowly and deeply.

Mist your nightwear, linens and body with the Deep Relax Sleep Mist, infused with our award-winning Deep Relax blend of naturally sedating Vetivert, Camomile and Sandalwood.

Keep the Deep Relax Sleep Well Nourishing Body Treatment on your bedside cabinet to apply either to your whole body, or just your hands and feet, as a relaxing self-massage ritual before bed.

A comforting space will allow for your mind to unwind from the day’s responsibilities, helping you fall asleep without struggle.

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Unwind Your Senses

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A good night’s rest requires a quietened mind and relaxed body.

Before bed, savour a slow and leisurely ritual.  

Using the Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil and soaking in a warm bath for at least 20 minutes works with our body’s circadian rhythm by cooling down our core body temperature, which naturally happens in the evenings to signal sleep (the warm water heats the skin signalling to the brain the body needs to cool). Our special essential oil blend enhances the bathing experience, with its sedating and calming benefits.

We ask our Education Manager, Amy Bonfield, her personal favourite sleep tip:


I love to practice a mindful sleep exercise to clear my mind before bed. We tend to focus on a relaxed body for sleep, but we also need a relaxed mind too. I like to put all my thoughts down onto paper and carry out a breathing exercise, this can be different for everyone, so it is finding what works for you. This again can be enhanced by diffusing relaxing essential oils, by using the Deep Relax Roller Ball or the Deep Relax Sleep Mist.

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The beginning of a new season is always a great time to reset your sleep habits.

Try our 5 tips and look forward to more than just Spring’s sunshine – but better sleep, too.

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