Start the Year the Strongest You

Start the Year the Strongest You
Start the Year the Strongest You
Start the Year the Strongest You

It’s a new year, and it’s time, more than ever, to put your wellbeing first.

To carry you through the winter months, help you feel your strongest self in mind, body & spirit and start your 2021 on the most motivated note, we explore two of our most fortifying essential oil blends and the very special role each star ingredient plays.  

Inner Strength

Created by our founder, Geraldine Howard, during what she called her ‘black hole’, Inner Strength was made with the purpose of supporting people through a time of need.

Whether you have been furloughed, are juggling home schooling with your own to-do list, feeling isolated or not yourself in this continued uncertainty – our comforting blend is here to unearth your inner courage, strength and a positive frame of mind when you need it the most.

Behind the Blend

Clary Sage

Sourced from fields in the south of France, Clary Sage is an aromatic herb with a fresh, sweet-herbaceous scent. The plant is cut and left to dry out in the field under the sun’s rays, then gently steam distilled for its distinctively warm and herbal essential oil. Clary Sage has been used for many years for its soothing properties and calm-inducing effects, and is known as one of the most relaxing, restorative and balancing oils for our mind and body.  


Wild harvested in Somaliland, our organic Frankincense is one of our most precious essential oils – and a favourite of Geraldine’s.

Known as one of the most spiritual of essential oils, Frankincense gives clarity of mind and helps focus thoughts – both perfect qualities for the beginning of the year, where many of us find ourselves setting new goals and intentions.

Fun-fact: Geraldine hand-blended Inner Strength completely via her sense of smell, using it to guide her in choosing each individual essential oil blend that her body sought the most.



Support Breathe

[inline-image]Support Breathe

An unsung hero of our essential oil blends is Support Breathe. Visited by a client with a cold, Geraldine was inspired to create a blend that protected and supported our immune system all year round.

Formulated with a rejuvenating palette of essential oils, our Support Breathe is unparalleled in soothing the senses and promoting mental clarity for brighter, focused days. 

Behind the Blend

Tea Tree Essential Oil

So distinct and powerful in smell, Tea Tree has been used throughout history in its purest form – namely by the indigenous people in Australia, taking the leaves in their hands, crushing them and inhaling its transforming aromas.

Known for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, Tea Tree is a first aid wonder: helping with colds, headaches and strengthening the immune system. Our Tea Tree is steam distilled from its needle-like leaves, for a crisp and camphoraceous scent synonymous with our Support Breathe blend.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Native to Europe, the Peppermint plant is fresh, minty and invigorating in scent.

Traditionally used to alleviate cold symptoms, its menthol vapours act as an effective decongestant, helping to clear our senses, combat fatigue and support jaded energy.

The inhalation of peppermint is also known to help with cognitive function, perfect for staying alert during winter’s dark evenings.



Two blends perfect for the moment, Our Inner Strength and Support Breathe are here to help you start the year feeling your strongest you: emotionally and physically.  
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