The Importance of Slowing Down

The importance of taking time off and using Aromatherapy to help you reset
The Importance of Slowing Down
The Importance of Slowing Down
The Importance of Slowing Down

When was the last time you pressed the pause button?

In modern society, there is an underlying expectation to go, go, go. Rest is often considered indulgent, with most people feeling guilty when taking a minute for themselves, and, consequently, never fitting in the time to do it. Yet taking time to slow down and rejuvenate our mind, body & spirit is a vital part of life.

With the extra day given to us this Bank Holiday, make the most of this time for you: to ground & balance your energy levels. Discover our rest rituals, and the best of Aromatherapy Associates, for your most resetting long weekend.


De-Stress Your Mind

When you take the time to rest, even for a few minutes a day, you are allowing your body’s cells to recharge. Enjoying a shower in the morning or evening, and incorporating a breathing exercise, is a powerful way to carve out time just to yourself to re-fuse your inner spark.

Use your daily shower as your personal sanctuary: a place to disconnect from the world around you, to take a moment to focus on yourself to breathe and reset your wellbeing. Blended with Frankincense to restore clarity, refreshing Petitgrain for balance and Wild Camomile to calm, our De-Stress Mind Shower Oil is the perfect unwind to help soothe any anxiety built up from your busy, non-stop days.


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Calm & Focus
De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil

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Soothe Your Body

This Bank Holiday calls for a digital detox, away from your desk.

If your neck and upper back are in pain from hunching over your screen for long hours at a time, treat your whole body to a moment of respite with our soothing, tension-relieving De-Stress Muscle Gel. Invigorating Black Pepper and warming Ginger help to ease away aches and pains — apply our gel with a releasing shoulder & neck massage, for the ultimate at-home treatment.

The power of a massage goes beyond relieving your body, and can elevate your mood too, promoting feelings of calmness and content for your well-deserved time off.


Scent Your Home

Whether you are catching up with your favourite book on the sofa, spending time with family and loved ones indoors or simply resting at home with no plans – this long weekend is the perfect opportunity to reclaim your me-time.

Create a calming oasis for slow, relaxing days spent at home with the grounding scents of nature from our Forest Therapy Pure Essential Oil Blend.

Crafted with the refreshing, uplifting essential oils of Pink Pepper, Ho Wood, Juniper Berry, Mediterranean Cypress and Sicilian Lemon, sprinkle a few drops of our special blend into a diffuser to help balance & re-centre yourself throughout the day.


Catch Up on Sleep

Making time for rest can recharge your whole self and impact your overall health: this is because your mind and body are intrinsically connected. A manic schedule and lack of sleep can lead to adrenal exhaustion and overall hormonal imbalance, causing us to feel ‘burnt out’ mentally and physically.

After a bout of early mornings getting up to work or tend to chores, there’s no better feeling than catching up on rest without the guilt of wasting half of your weekend.

For the ultimate lie-in this Bank Holiday, bask in our Deep Relax Collection, which include our Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil, Deep Relax Nourishing Body Treatment and Deep Relax Sleep Mist, our trio of sleep heroes will help ease you into your best night’s rest, so you can return to a new week feeling rejuvenated and recharged.

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Sleep & Tranquility
3 Step Introduction to Sleep Gift Set


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Put Your Wellbeing First

Tune into your needs with the powerful combination of aromatherapy and your sense of smell.

Choosing an essential oil blend will depend on the purpose you are seeking: over the long weekend, your body might be craving a rebalance one day, and a gentle unwind the next.

Use your smell to guide you in choosing the right blend for the moment. You are naturally drawn to what you need, as our sense of smell has a direct link to the deepest parts of the brain, altering our brain chemistry and drawing us into a specific blend rather than another.

Filled with all ten of our iconic blends, use our Discovery Wellbeing Miniature Collection and take the first two bottles out of the box. Between them, decide which you are most drawn to, and put back the one you didn’t prefer. Take the 3rd bottle and do the same, going through the whole box until you find the oil you are most drawn to.

By consciously tapping into your sense of smell, you can use it to restore your wellbeing for a happier you, for your break and beyond.

No matter if it’s a short break or a long holiday, any stint of time that’s invested in yourself is food for the soul. This Bank Holiday, seize this rare, extra time for yourself.

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